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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Banish razor burn and bumps...how to shave the bikini line

I often had girls at work ask me how I did it. I NEVER got razor burn, except once in a blue moon. So I will share my secret...although not everything works for everyone. I have heard all kinds of remedies; from post-shave using: balmex, a.h.a.'s , deodorant, and over the counter aides sold with waxing kits. Then there are those who wax. Then there are those use certain things to shave with: baby oil, shave gels, shave creams, dove soap. Others use a new razor every time. Other actually plucked individual hairs with tweezers (and yes Ive done this. not as bad as you think). Others use a product sold to prevent beard bumps. Me, I did the same thing every time.
I shaved my bikini line in the shower. However it would be the LAST thing I did in the shower. I used a new razor every 3rd shave. I would use a net loofah (the kind the have at bath and body works) and scrub really hard. Then I apply shave cream, then shave, pulling skin tight. First in the direction of growth, then against it...which I know is a major no-no for some. Keep the skin tight! But it works for me... to get a really smooth shave. Then I pat dry, and apply lotion with oil in it. Nivea works great. Then let the lotion dry before you get dressed. Its the scrubbing that works. When I skipped this step...I got in trouble.

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