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Monday, January 8, 2007

Why New York Is The Best Place On Earth To Shop!

I just returned from a trip to London and I have to say that New York has the best shopping by far!

I peeked into some local lingerie stores while in town and was not impressed! The best lingerie store I went to was literally steps from where I stayed in Notting Hill, a cute boutique called, Coco Ribbon. Check out their website: www.cocoribbon.com. They sell their own brand as well as Cosabella, Mimi Holiday and Mrs. Chow as well as fun bedroom gifts. They offer a sexy gift idea, a panty delivery service where you receive a varied selection of briefs or thongs 4 times a year in the mail. Other than Coco, shopping lingerie in London really made me appreciate the multitude and diversity that New York offers……undies from France, bathing suits from Italy and all the local boutique offerings…..

So ladies, next time you unroll a stocking onto your leg or adorn yourself with your latest matching bra and panties set, know that we really do live in the city with the best shopping in this world!

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