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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Basic Moves Striptease Class Breakdown

So many women want to know what they are gonna learn in the classes so here is a breakdown.
Where do I start, what do learn?..in easy lay woman's terms. OK, first we got Basic. Basic is essentially a crash course. A one hour and forty five minute class that gives you a little bit of it all, but also gets to the meat of what true striptease is all about. Because it isn't about just how you move to the music. It is about your eyes, your posture, the thoughts in your head, your attitude, and the way that you view yourself. So we touch on all of those things.
We get you through your walk, your entrance and the two basic moves (the Robert and Lotion) that you can use when all else fails. We teach you a few moves to do while facing him and then we give you a few moves to accentuate your rear view.
The we move on to the infamous lap dance section. We teach you how to properly position him so that you both can have the best lap experience.
Then again, a few forward facing moves, rear facing moves, and moves where you actually place you body on top of his..oh la la!
Then we show you how to pull off your clothes in a sexy way...including our famous super glue bra trick. Then we talk about C.O.M.A. and review everything.
So come join us for a class and see what it as all about. This is a great way to bond with your girlfriends.
See ya in class!

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