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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Striptease workout : Stripper Strength

Stripper Strength is a our striptease work-out class!!!

The class is an hour long and uses real stripper moves to tone and strengthen the body. The class flows slowly much like a yoga class, and less like a cardio class. Then we use the moves you learn through out to put together a hot and sensual routine at the end of the class. You will need comfy work-out wear, and heels(bare feet or tennis shoes work as well). The class will be held every Tuesday from 6-7 PM, Wednesday 12:30-1:30 & 9-10PM, and every Sunday from 2-3 PM at Empire Studios located at 127 W. 25th St, 11th Floor (Btwn 6th & 7th Ave). The class will be open to the public, but will be conducted in a private room that does not allow for ANY spectators. The class is open to women only, 18 and up and will taught by Kimberly from StripXpertease. To pay for classes contact Empire Studios @ (212) 645-2441 or just drop in! You can also take a completely private Stripper Strength class, just you and the instructor.

Single Group Class (drop-in): $20

World Dance/Dance Fitness Class Cards (buy several classes and get a discount!)(May be applied towards any Belly Dance and Dance Fitness class.)
5 WD/DF Class Card: ($13 per class) - Valid for 2 Months from date of purchase ($65 total)
10 WD/DF Class Card: ($12 per class) - Valid for 3 Months from date of purchase ($120 total)
20 WD/DF Class Card: ($9.95 per class) - Valid for 3 Months from date of purchase ($199 total)

Student Discounts: A 10% discount is offered to students who are actively enrolled in a college or university. Proof of enrollment with valid picture ID required.

Call Empire @ (212) 645-2441 for easy phone registration!
Check out their site http://www.empiredance.com/

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