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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Virgins or whores

Its the whole we are either virgins or whores thing.
This guy at the local pizza shop flirts with me. One day he asks me what I do. I tell him and instantly he changes, and he talks about it...loudly, in front of these two guys at the counter. Their looks change ...they look at me like ...yeahh baby, show me your tits. Its a little gross. I think, what, because I teach striptease classes I am a insatiable sex queen who can't wait to put your dick in my mouth? Cuz that's the way they are all looking at me. Gees! Is this the reason so many of my clients can shout about class from the rooftops? It the looks...from men!
It is so upsetting to me that so many men in this country are so sexually starved that they behave this way. And it might be our own fault!! We are raising our sons to be ashamed of sexuality and sex and all that goes with it. Other countries don't have this stigma we do when it comes to sex. WHY!?!
If we all just admitted that it is perfectly natural and !good! maybe pizza boy pete would have said oh, that's cool...you want pepperoni? Instead of letting his tongue hang out all over my slice.
Listen up boys, women are changing...we are becoming more aware of our bodies, our sexuality, and our feminine wiles. There is a middle ground. We can be sexy and still not sleep with you on the first date. Just because I took a striptease class doesn't mean I am loose. If I have a porn or two, it doesn't mean I am a porn star. It just means that we we do have sex... I will be open to new things, new experiences, and it will be better for us, because once I am comfortable with my own sexuality then I can relax and let go and what happens next will be amazing...for both of us.

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