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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

OLD NEWSLETTERS: 1/2 way March 2007 Update: Facial feedback, Client comments

Spring Special, Desire Series, and More Workshops!

Spots Still Available!!! Desire Series, Basic, & Advanced!
Yes, learn to love yo-self. We all get so busy, so caught up, the day is over before we know!!....god is the weekend already over?...gees is the month already over?...wait is it New Years Eve already?!?!?! The year is a wash, then rinse and repeat.
Yes, time flies by, and it flies by without letting you spend any time pampering yourself. So take time for yo-self. Learn to love yo-self. And our classes are a great way to take a step in that direction.
We help you how to look in that mirror and appreciate all that you are. We teach you how to touch your self without the giggles. How to look inside at the sexy mama hiding beneath the "ugg, my big hips" "damn, my little boobs" negativity. All you have to do is take the time for yourself to try it out. What better way than with our Basic Moves workshop?
Two hours of all the StripXpertease basics. Every month. Only $45!!
Learn how to give a proper and damn sexy lap dance. Learn how to remove your bra..and other under-things in a hot, hot way! Learn how to make and entrance and leave them drooling and you feeling sexy, alive, and vibrant!
Aaaand for those of you who have already taken a class with StripXpertease:
If you want some NEW moves, sign up for Advanced. All new moves on the floor! Bring him to his knees by learning to slither and slide on yours!
If you feel like you forgot everything, this Basic Moves workshop is a GREAT review!!
BASIC MOVES WORKSHOP: 2 hrs. Austin, TX (W. William Cannon): Saturday, March 24 @ 2:00 PM! $45.00 ***** ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!!!
ADVANCED MOVES WORKSHOP: 2 hrs. Austin, TX (W. William Cannon): Saturday, March 24 @ 5:00 PM! $45.00
...Book BOTH of our Austin workshops(Basic & Advanced Moves ) Saturday, March 24 and save! $80.00
BASIC MOVES WORKSHOP: 2 hrs. Austin, TX (W. William Cannon): Saturday, April 14th @ 6:30 PM! $45.00
BASIC MOVES WORKSHOP: 2 hrs. NYC (Midtown West): Saturday, March 24, @ 2:00 PM! $45.00
DESIRE SERIES: (4 consecutive 1.5 hr classes) NYC only. Desire Series on Wednesdays 6:15-7:45 PM. Starting March 21st $180.00. Buy now and save, only $150.00! ****ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!!
LAP DANCE INTENSIVE: 2 hrs. New York, NY (@ Empire Dance): Sunday, March 25, 2007 7:00 PM. Please Register through Empire Dance by calling 212.645.2441.
**Please Note: Class size is limited and kept small. We will email you with class location and info on what to wear within 24 hrs. after payment is made. Class descriptions on OUR CLASSES page. Tickets are non-refundable but can be transferred. Class location is revealed AFTER payment by email. Payment requires email address.

Spring Special! Save 10% Off Private Lessons/Classes!!
Whew!!! So much this month ladies!!
Women's History month, St. Patrick's Day (Kiss me I'm Irish!!), and the first day of Spring. So, in honor of all these good days we are launching a new special!
Save 10% off of all PRIVATE lessons/classes booked (that means you place your deposit) between March 17th and the 24th. Woo-hoo! Sign up now on our RATES page!
So take this time for yo-self ladies!
Get the luck of the Irish by saving on 10% on that upcoming birthday party bash with the gals!
Start your spring cleaning off right by tossin' those old granny panties and replacing them with a new purchase on a SHOP N' STRIP tour, discounted 10%! (Does not apply to purchases on tour)
Celebrate Women's History month by making your fears history and signing up for a private lesson at 10% off!
1.800.747.1462 or 347.907.4602

The Facial Feedback Theory.
AH HA!!! I knew it! The predator face DOES make you feel more confident and sexy. It is a scientific fact ladies!!!
The facial feedback theory says that our facial expressions can actually influence the way we feel. For example, smiling will make you feel happier. Frowning will make you feel sad. So that means that sexy predator face will make you feel more confident, more sexy, and more powerful ...like the sexy seductress you are! Remember ladies, head down, eyes up...naughty smile.
To learn how to master the Predator Face, sign up for Basic Moves today!!

Our Own Feedback Theory
Ok..so I wanted to insert a little of our own feedback. These are some of my favs. Remember everyone comes in nervous. Everyone says I can't dance, I have two left feet, I have no rhythm... And when you leave, you might not be a modern day Ginger Rogers, BUT everyone leaves feeling a little sexier, a little more confident than when they walked in. And that is what really counts. For more client comments and pics, see the bottom of OUR CLASSES page.
We really had a great time at the class and our instructor was outstanding. Sarah Lynn made me feel very comfortable - and I'm about as uptight and rigid as they come. I would love to take another class sometime. I had never even been into a strip club - so it was a real experience. My fiance will be very surprised when he sees the new moves. But this class was really for me more than him - and it was a bonding experience with my friend. Sarah Lynn was also very intelligent - in addition to being a great dancer - and really conveyed the lessons well. I appreciated all of her encouragement and compassion. You have a very well run and creative business model and I will recommend it to others. - Jodi C. (2 girls Basic Moves) TX
My performance was great last night (I took my job seriously by doing my nails, curling my hair, spraying glitter and perfume everywhere before the dance), after the routine I did a lap dance and he was blown away. My temptress expression was good as well as it sort of just came naturally.... At the end of the night he asked me to be his girlfriend (we've been dating for couple months), so as you can see the dance really did wonders! :D I truly cannot pick one best part of the class because I simply enjoyed every minute of it. It was not only a fun dance class, but a mind transforming as well as liberating experience. There were so many great things to be named. You really made me feel at ease, and your sense of humor was an asset to the whole learning experience. The pace felt just right. Depending on the mood, the moves can be naughty, sensual or sexy, or all of these. I think every woman should take these classes just for themselves (of course it doesn't hurt to perform for their men once in a while) to awaken the sexy goddesses inside themselves. -Juliet T. (DANCE series) NY
I wanted to thank you for your incredible gift of showing us your wonderful moves and honestly your StripXpertease. As we mentioned, even when you showed us a demo of the dance, we were all mesmerized by your moves. You're a beautiful girl with a great spirit, extremely professional, down to earth and I can't tell you enough that you are one of the funniest people I've ever met. You've made all of us feel comfortable, confident and that we could accomplish anything. It was a true joy being in your classes and can't stop raving about you to everyone I know. (We'll already agreed we're addicted to you!) {The best part of the class was} YOU, YOU, YOU!!!! As mentioned, you made us feel comfortable, the moves felt attainable because of the way you broke them down and named them. You were friendly and yet maintained order with our riot group and most of all you made us have the most fun! The individual attention you gave to each of us and the cheat sheets were absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did{ I} like the best? Everything!!! Especially your honesty, openness and never-ending patience in telling us your experience and stories during your days as a dancer. Not to mention all your little handy tricks! It was all truly interesting and really made you understand what an unfair and terrible stigma dancers really have. Kimberly, once again thanks for one of the best classes I've had. You really are a very professional and classy business woman. You should be very proud of yourself. Looking forward to seeing you again soon! -Emyli Z. (Group 3 Class Pkg.) NY
We had a blast yesterday! Thanks to both of you for doing this{Kimberly and Saralynn} – I think there are a lot of women out there that would like to have this talent but are too embarrassed or shy to pursue it....I practiced the super glue bra move last night when I was getting ready for bed and it worked! How fun! In my opinion, the best part of the class was the lightheartedness and openness of it....and the pep talk about being confident...not all of us are as beautiful as the two of you and encouragement is needed! The chance to step out of the mother/homemaker/wife role was great too! There are times where I just want to put all of that on the back burner and just be that flirty, sexy predator that you were describing....with nothing else in my focus but making my man squirm...you certainly gave us the basic tools and I'm looking forward to learning more!....I'm thinking all women are strippers at heart- -at least somewhere in their being - and that many of us have been conditioned not to recognize or validate that part of ourselves....we don't talk about it enough...I've shared some stories with my closest friend but I think if we would do that more then all of us would have much more confidence and would have better relationships....knowing that we all felt basically the same way. -Dona S.(Group Basic Moves) TX
The best part was whenever you said "strippins hard ya'll" haha. I liked learning how to keep the predator face on, and learning how important it is to stay in the zone and be in control. I'm glad that you made it more about dancing for ourselves, and if the men like it, well then that's an added plus. You were great Kim, you most definitely made us feel comfortable - I love to dance, but this is a little different, but it didn't take long for me to feel comfortable enough. 2 of my friends that were with us can be shy when it comes to dancing, and I saw them loosen up quite a bit, and it's because you made us laugh and realize that we are all there to have fun and feel great about ourselves. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are sexy and beautiful!! -Kristen R. (Jan. Basic Moves Workshop) NY

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