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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

OLD NEWSLETTERS: March 2007 Advanced Update:new classes, fear of taking class

New Workshop Dates for Advanced & Basic!!

March 24th Workshop Day for NYC and Austin
Hi Ladies,
I am so excited to announce new workshops. They are selling out!! We will be doing another Basic Moves workshop in both Manhattan and Austin, but also Advanced Moves for you Texas gals!! And the Lap Dance Intensive is back at Empire Dance. We will also give away one pair of StripXpertease embroidered boy shorts to one lucky gal in each Basic and Advanced class! And as an added bonus, each Basic and Advanced class will have a extra 15 minute Q&A with your instructor to ask anything you want. So stick around after class and ask your burning questions about the strip club, stripping, or anything you desire!
Workshops are as follows:
March 24th 2-4 pm Basic Moves $45.00
March 24th 5-7 pm Advanced Moves $45.00
Sign for both classes for only $80.00
Both classes at same studio located in South Austin( W. William Cannon)
March 24th 2-4 pm Basic Moves $45.00
Studio for Basic Moves in Manhattan near Penn Station
March 25th 7-9 pm Lap Dance Intensive @ Empire Dance
You can sign up for Basic and Advanced for both cities on the rates page here > RATES PAGE
Basic and Advanced Moves class location is revealed after payment. Classes are very limited. Open to all women over 18, all sizes. You do not need dance experience, just an open mind. Dress comfortable, but feel free to add a touch of sexiness. Comfortable heels are highly recommended. Closed door classes with no spectators.

Basic Moves:
This class covers the basics: your walk and entrance, standing moves, performing a lap dance, and stripping out of your clothes. You will learn seductive eye contact, sensual movements, how to channel your confidence and have power over your subject. We will also go over music and outfit choices. Learn over 20 moves and how to put them together in a smokin' routine!
Advanced Moves:
This class teaches a super sexy floor moves routine! It also covers extra tricks and moves for standing striptease as well. It is a review and follow up to Basic Moves. (This class can be a hard on the knees, so wear work out pants that cover your knees. We also offer knee pads for purchase in-class)
For Advanced and Pro we STRONGLY recommend 6 inch platform shoes with an ankle strap. They can be purchased on our site from our links page
Lap Dance Intensive:
Learn everything you always wanted to know about the lap dance. Learn how to position your man, perform the Double Reverse Head, Flip Trick, and more. These moves are learned best with a partner. So grab a girlfriend and sign up. Buy 2 tickets and save. Please sign up at EMPIREDANCE
Contact Us:

Reasons we don't take class ...# 1
I am too nervous too take a class!!
Oh goodness. I hear this all the time.
I am too fat, too old. I can't dance. I have no rhythm. I have 2 left feet. I don't have boobs. I don't have an ass. I can't move. I can't walk in heels. I am not sexy. I have no experience. I don't have a man to dance for. I don't like my body. Who would be attracted to ME dancing?
The list goes on and on. But ladies, listen ....are you listening?
IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!! And it's probably not true. We are so hard on ourselves (my self included), and it limits our potential. There is one thing that trumps all of this and it is confidence. It can make or break you.
So come to the class. That is why we offer private lessons so it is just you and the instructor. We aren't going to laugh at you...I promise. And all women make progress in class. You just have to try. Confidence will come, and sexiness will flow.
If there is something you can do to make a change in your life, then do it! In a beginner Basic Moves Class everyone is just beginning. Everyone feels nervous, but after the class everyone feels a little lighter and a lot better. They all know that they have done something for themselves. Because exotic dance is really for you, not for him. And they all know that they have challenged themselves. And they have learned that true sexiness really does come from within.....but these moves sure do help!!! :)
So sign up, and come learn the Predator Face, the Boob Squeeze and the Rear Finger Slide, woo-woo!
....what are you waiting for?

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