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Thursday, July 5, 2007

OLD NEWSLETTERs : April 2007 Update: Dye down there, Desire series, New Classes

StripXpertease April Newsletter 04.07.07
4 Week DESIRE Series Now in TX & NY.
DESIRE II Coming in June to NY.
Happy Easter!
Easter always makes me think of bunnies...Playboy bunnies that is. So if you are looking to unleash your inner bunny, sign up for Desire Series! We have new dates ladies!! The first ever StripXpertease Desire series is in it's last week and it has been a blast! I can't wait to start another one. Class size stays @ 6 girls max and you walk away with one full song ultra hot choreographed routine that combines standing and floor moves! Cheat sheets included. You'll leave feeling powerful and provocative! Great for beginners, and still offered at a reduced rate!!
And for any lady who has had ALREADY taken StripXpertease classes (like our 3 class package, or both Basic and Advanced, or even the D.A.N.C.E. series), DESIRE II is for YOU. We perfect previous moves, learn a few new ones, and use them to create another full song risque routine. 6 hours of instruction!
NY: Starts May 5th (4 weeks, 1.5 hr classes, Saturday @ 1:15-2:45 PM, 39th & 8th) $150.00.
TX: Starts May 9th (4 weeks, 1.5 hr classes, Wednesday @ 6:15-7:45 PM, location TBA) $150.00

NY: June 3rd (4 weeks, 1.5 hr classes, Sunday @ 4:15-5:45 PM, midtown west)**Prerequisite: 3 class Pkg, DANCE, DESIRE I, or both Basic & Advanced. Round toe 51/2 or 6" heels required. $165.00
******Exact location for classes is emailed to you after payment. Check back on web site to see general location of TX Desire. Please dress comfortably. Round toe/open toe platform shoes are REQUIRED. Since at this time, only one series is running at a time, make ups are completed as private lessons for $81.00 each.
1.800.747.1462 OR 347.907.4602

Learn a Sizzlin' Routine at Our Basic Moves Workshops
We are making our BASIC MOVES WORKSHOP, where you learn a seductive routine and lap dance, a monthly event in NY & TX! This is a great way to sample the Desire series too. A great refresher course! Sign up with a friend for double trouble! Only $45.00 for 2 hours!! Sign up now!
APRIL 14TH (next weekend!)
NYC @ 7 PM(midtown west,2 hrs) ...tickets still available
TX @ 6:30 PM(south Austin, 2 hrs) ...tickets still available
NYC @ 6:30 PM(midtown west, 2 hrs)
TX @ 6:30 PM(location TBA, 2 hrs)
**To purchase tickets go to our RATES PAGE. Exact location is revealed after payment by email. Dress comfortably. Heels are preferred, but not required. 12 girls max each class. General location for May 12th Texas class will be announced shortly. Check back on the rates page.
Read a review from our last workshop on Dr. Tara J. Palmatier's blog on URBAN PRESTIGE.com

Ok, my hair...down there...is pink. And I don't mean baby pink, I mean hot bright pink. And I love it!!!
A few weeks ago, I read an article in Business 2.0 about Nancy Jareki's new company called Betty Beauty. Nancy created Betty Beauty after she saw women sneaking home doggy bags of dye from the beauty shop to essentially make the purse match the shoes. She spent 2 yrs on R&D and came up with Betty Beauty's home pubic hair dye. It gives your "betty" a new life and even covers gray with a super safe, no drip formula.
As I read, my jaw was hanging. I was thinking, what will they think of next, and how do I get some!?! I couldn't WAIT to get on the computer and order online. I was SO siked! They had a few colors: blonde, black, auburn, brown and hells yeah, hot pink!!! I of course ordered "Fun Betty," the pink dye....
..... READ the whole PINK story ON OUR BLOG
MORE BETTY INFO: http://www.bettybeauty.com/index.html This Easter instead of dyeing ordinary Easter eggs for the Easter bunny, dye your own bunny!

more information
StripXpertease.com ~ 1.800.747.1462 OR 347.907.4602 ~ info@stripxpertease.com
Classes available in NYC and Austin. For added travel fee, classes also available in NY, North New Jersey, Long Island. Dallas, Houston, San Marcos, San Antonio, and various other cities in Texas

**THIS NEWSLETTER WILL GO OUT TO ALL NEW NEWSLETTER SIGN UPS UNTIL NEXT NEWSLETTER RELEASE. Feel free to forward on to friends! Sign up for this newsletter on our web site!
coming up next month: stripper strength in texas, mother's day special, and more!

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