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Sunday, July 1, 2007

OLD NEWSLETTERS: February 2007 Update, Valentine's Special, Striptease workout class, and Advanced Moves WRKSHP.


Happy Valentine's Day!!
Happy February to all !! Well, it is freezing here in NY, but spring is right around the corner. Yay! And whether it is 9 or 99 degrees outside, I know we are always trying to turn up the heat in the bedroom. So to help keep everything hot, we are making it a little bit easier to book a class with our new Valentine's Day special.
Take advantage of our Valentine's Day Special and receive 10% off of your class!
It easy, just put your deposit down before Feb. 14th, Valentine's Day, and receive 10% off of your final price on any private class/tour.
And yes, this includes our sexy couple's class, Lover's Moves. Use our Lover's Moves class to reconnect with your honey, on a whole new level.
Who needs chocolate for Valentine's Day when you can make him melt instead?
Single for Vday? Have a girl's night! What better way to bond with your gal-pals then with a striptease class!
Contact us:
** Does not apply to Stripper Strength or Workshops. Does not apply to travel fees. Class must be taken between Feb 1st and August 14th 2007.

New Dates for Basic Moves Workshops.
Wow! Both of our Workshops in NYC and in Texas were sell outs! So, we are doing it again!
Both workshops are set for the 24th of February. Price is only $45.00!!
Sign up early on the RATES page. We had several girls call the week before the class to find it was sold out. Don't miss out!
Also, as a way of saying thanks, one lucky girl in each class will win a pair of our sexy embroidered boy shorts! Woo-woo!
NYC (Midtown west) Feb 24th 6:30 PM
Austin (Southwest) Feb 24th 4:30 PM ...only 2 spots left !
Sign up here: www.StripXpertease.com/rates.htm

Basic Moves NYC March 24th, time TBA...tickets go on sale soon!
Basic Moves Austin March 24th, time TBA...tickets go on sale soon!
Advanced Moves NYC TBA
Advanced Moves TX TBA
Lap Dance Intensive NYC @ Empire Dance...coming this spring
Stay tuned for:
The March 24th workshop time and dates
Advanced Moves dates in Texas and NYC!
Check back on the rates page. www.StripXpertease.com/rates.htm
Contact us: info@stripxpertease.com or 1.800.747.1462

Stripper Strength Workout Class Now 5x's a Week!
Stripper Strength is a 1 hour fitness class offered only at Empire Dance. New mini-routines each month. (No nudity, workout attire, heels {you may also go bare foot or wear tennis shoes}, private room with no spectators, yay!) This is a great way to "test" out a striptease class. It is a mix of our private classes, Pilate's, and low impact fitness. Check it out!!
Current Classes available:
Tuesday 6 PM
Wednesday 12:30 PM
Wednesday 9 PM
Saturday 2 PM
Sunday 2 PM
Sign up at Empire Dance www.empiredance.com or (212) 645-2441
Single Group Class (drop-in): $20
Or purchase a class card for discounted rates and use it for other great classes like Belly Dance...sexy, Yoga....ommm, & Hip Hop, ya heard!
World Dance/Dance Fitness Class Cards:
5 WD/DF Class Card: $65 ($13 per class) - Valid for 2 Months from date of purchase
10 WD/DF Class Card: $120 ($12 per class) - Valid for 3 Months from date of purchase
20 WD/DF Class Card: $199 ($9.95 per class) - Valid for 3 Months from date of purchase
Also, if you missed the Lap Dance Intensive, never fear, it will be back soon!!!

Advanced Moves, Pro Moves I & II Coming to You!!
Advanced Moves 2 hr workshop coming!! And only $45.00. Email us at info@stripxpertease.com with ADVANCED MOVES and your state (TX or NY) in the subject line to be the first to know about workshop dates.
Advanced Moves: This follow up lesson covers floor/stage work, more standing moves, and a few extra naughty tricks to add to your routine. Round toe 5 or 6 inch platform shoes are highly recommended. (Learning floor moves can be a little hard on the knees. So wear bottoms that cover your knees. We also offer knee pads for purchase in-class). Check out shoes on our Links page
Also, Pro Moves will be broken down into 2 workshops that will be booked together. You must have taken Basic and Advanced previously, either in a workshop or as a private single or group lesson. Coming soon!!!
Pro Moves: Here you combine core moves from Basic and Advanced to learn a super hot choreographed and professional looking "stage" routine to perform for yourself or a lover to a song of your choosing. Make 'em go WOW!
Also...you asked and now you receive!! Our first on-going class is on its way in both locations. Four weeks of fun in 1.5 hr increments. Stay tuned for details. Email us info@stripxpertease.com with the subject ON-GOING to be the first to know about dates!

Female Photojournalist Looking for StripXpertease Students.
Elin Berge is a Swedish female photojournalist working on a large documentary story about the "empowered erotica" phenomenon - American women who in different ways find liberation by embracing their sexuality. This trend is not yet as big in Sweden or Europe, but the curiousness and interest is starting to grow.
She is very interested in meeting common women who are trying striptease as a part of her story. She wants to learn more about the reasons to explore exotic dance, and how it feels to attend to a class. She's looking for enthusiastic students at StripXpertease who are willing to be photographed during classes to share their experiences.
Elin Berge is a freelance photographer and the story will be available for magazines all over the world since her agency is distributed in USA and Europe. Look at her previous work at http://www.momentagency.com/ .
We are looking for students taking class between 16th and 31st of March. Any students who participate will receive 10% off of class as a thank you for participating.
If interested please respond to info@stripxpertease.com with Elin Berge in the subject.

Classes/Workshops/Tours Offered
Basic Moves
Advanced Moves
Pro Moves
D.A.N.C.E. (D.A.N.C.E. is only offered in Manhattan)
Lover's Moves: In-studio only. $170.00 total. Completely private. Female couples welcome also. One couple per class.
Shop N' Strip: Our fabulous two hour walking tour of sexy, sassy, one-of-a-kind lingerie and more stores in the fashionable SOHO shopping district including 4 fantastic lingerie boutiques, 1 female owned adult shop, and plenty of time for shopping and trying on! Take the tour with our expert shopper who will make your experience one to remember! Then meet up at the studio to learn how to strip off your new purchases with a sexy Basic Moves class. Great idea for birthdays and bachelorette parties. Four hours of fun for you and your gal pals. Please contact us for more info. and pricing.
Review Classes
Stripper Strength
Workshops: Public workshops at a discounted rate. $45-60 per person. Check our rates www.StripXpertease.com/rates.htm page for more details and dates.

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