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Saturday, July 7, 2007

OLD NEWSLETTERS: June 2007 Update: Confidence,Summertime, Strip Club Trip, Perfect Stripper Shoe

June Update 05-24-07

Well, summer is right around the corner! And that means... more skin! Yeah! I love seein' the boys in the tanks and shorts. Yum! Boys, boys, boys! I get asked about boys and what they like all the time. I suppose women think since I was a stripper for so long that I am expert on what men like. And I suppose in a sense we had to be experts to make money. There are a few things they all like, but truthfully, they all like something different. If you are really trying to figure out what boys like, dig deeper and figure out what YOU like. Confidence radiates and man, men love that. That is the great thing about our classes, they help you feel confident in your skin. And that sexy routine won't hurt either!
But don't forget, the basics of body care are necessary too. You know, the best you in the nude. Get naked in the mirror and take along hard look. What can you fix or spiffy up(withOUT surgery)? Get that mani/pedi. Use that self tanner. GET TO THE GYM (or a Stripper Strength class)! Drink lots of water. Trim the tulips and shave your legs. Use lotion to keep skin nice and soft. Wear a little lip gloss and mascara. And start appreciating your body for what it is. If you can't, then how do you expect him to?

Sign Up with a Friend Discount
Do you remember that doll from the 80's, My Buddy. There was a song too. My buddy, my buddy, where ever I go heeee goes..My buddy and MEEEE. That song would get stuck in my head for DAYS! And it came into my head the other day...lord knows how, but it made me think. It is so much easier to do things with a buddy. So we are launching the Me & A Friend special for public classes. Sign up with a friend and get a discount! YAY!
Sign up for the 4 week Desire I or II Series and save $30.00. OR Sign up for the next workshop and save $10.00.
HURRY UP!! NYC Desire Series starts next week!!!
SIGN UP HERE ( http://stripxpertease.com/rates.htm )
Desire I Series NYC runs either Thurs nights @ 6:15 pm or Sat afternoons @ 12:15 PM for 4 weeks. Starts next week. 6 girls max. Learn standing, lap dance, and floor moves and a full routine.
Desire II NYC is on Wed nights. Prereq: DANCE, Desire I, Advanced, or 3 class Pkg.
Basic Moves NYC Workshop is June 30th.
1 spot left for Shop N' Strip June 2nd.
Check out class descriptions here ( http://stripxpertease.com/classes.htm )
TEXAS LADIES FRET!!! Workshops and Desire series are starting soon. We are currently waiting for our new home studio to be built. We are looking at the end of June. Stay tuned. You get the Me & A Friend discount too :)

Newsletter Secret Special
Shhhh. It's a secret. Mention the June secret newsletter special and save 10% on a private lesson for you or a group of friends if you put a deposit down before Memorial Day (May 28th).

Strip Club Field Trip
You know you wonder about it.
You see it on the Sopranos.
You watched Demi Moore under the stage lights.
You won't admit it, but you saw Showgirls 4 times.
Just what does go on behind those double doors?
Well, it's probably not what you think. But all my descriptions won't do it justice. You have to see for your self. So for all of you who want to know and those of you that already do, we are organizing a NYC field trip. TO THE STRIP CLUB!!! YAY!
Tentative date for this event is June 28th @ 8:30 PM. Sorry, no boys :(
For more info email Kimberly@stripxpertease.com ( mailto:Kimberly@stripxpertease.com ) with FIELD TRIP in the subject line.

The Perfect Stripper Shoe!
People always ask me,"Which shoe do I buy for class?"
I like Ellie's shoes. Pleaser's is good too and so is N.Y.L.A.( but I can't seem to find them anymore). If you ever plan on doing any floor moves you need a platform. It protects the toes and helps you get down and up. The 6" Juliet ( http://snaz75.com/el-601-juliet.html ) by Ellie is perfect! (the Juliet is available is all inch varieties)
If you never wear heels start with a 4" with a bit of a platform. The Brooke ( http://snaz75.com/el-405-brook.html ) is a good one. Ankle support and a wide toe strap is key. If you have ankle worries, boots ( http://snaz75.com/d-slush-214.html ) are fun and give great support. I always loved boots.
If you can hang in heels, but are afraid of 6 inches go with 5". Like the Jewel ( http://snaz75.com/el-m-jewel.html ) ...pretty but functional.
If you are ready to get down on the floor you need 5 1/2" or more. The Allure ( http://snaz75.com/pl-allure-609.html ) is great. Again, boots really give great protection to the toes and are smokin' hot. When I danced I wore boots like the Covergirl ( http://snaz75.com/pl-covergirl-2020.html ) practically every night. Good for pole climbing too.
Then you can graduate to the 6" Once you can manage those, it's on to skinny toe straps ( http://snaz75.com/el-601-diamond.html ) , mules ( http://snaz75.com/el-601-money.html ) (my fave) and others...the options are endless.
And then... if you're crazy, there are 7 ( http://snaz75.com/pl-sky-330.html ) and 8. ( http://snaz75.com/pl-xtreme-701.html ) I have tried and I always go back to 6" Sometimes bigger isn't always better. ;)

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