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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Walking in the Stripper Shoe

OK. Here is how it is mastered......PRACTICE!! :)
Yes, it takes time, and hard practice. But if you really want to master it, you just have to keep walking in them. It all comes down to repetition and balance.
First, you need to make sure the shoe fits. Then try just wearing one shoe. I know it will be weird, but just wear it around... step, step up, step, step up. Then switch feet. This will help you familiarize yourself with how your foot moves around in the shoe.
Then throw them both on. Wear them in 20 minute increments...like while doing household chores...the boyfriend/hubby will love it. And it seems to be much easier to do dishes in 6 inch stripper heels. :)
Try to stay on hard even surfaces, pile carpet is death to the sexy walk. You can always start with a wedge or chunky heel first http://snaz75.com/ts-806.html or http://snaz75.com/pl-nuwave-509.html. I personally think they are ugly as hell and I think most dancers do too because the style came and went pretty quickly. A stiletto heel will always make your legs look better too. But you can also try a wedge, some wedges are pretty hot. http://snaz75.com/el-w-manhattan.html http://snaz75.com/pl-beau-609.html http://snaz75.com/ts-601.html (my fave).
As always the more the ankle is supported, the better you feel when you do fall, so don't ever do slip-ons unless you can walk in the regular stripper shoes first.
Also try walking up and down stairs, USIGN THE HAND RAIL!, for more practice.
When you first start walking, look down at your feet, then as you become better try not looking down until you can get the hang of it. Then try walking a bit faster in them. Also try strengthening the ankle as well http://physicaltherapy.about.com/od/orthopedicsandpt/ss/anklerehab_4.htm
And just know, I've been wearing these heels every other day for over 10 yrs and I still take a little stumble every once and a while.
Good luck!!!

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