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Monday, August 27, 2007

NEWSLETTER: August Update 08-05-07

Boy, oh boy! What a response I got from the My First Vibrator story. We created quite a "buzz!" I couldn't believe how many of you lovely ladies DON'T OWN ONE! I heard from so many that you loved the story, but that you too had not EVER owned one. I was just floored. This is an epidemic!!! We must get you ladies tuned into this amazing form of self love. Then it occurred to me. I could help to bring you the "love" you so need and desire!!!
So, I met with my good friend Francine who owns Femme Desires and we came up with some thing SPECTACULAR!!! A new class just in time for back to school. Are you ready for this? It is called Tease and Toy Joy. That's right, we are combining super steamy striptease classes with titillating tantalizing toys!!! Woo hoo! I am super excited about this event. Our first event is Sept. 8th in NYC. Check it out below. In the mean time, while you are doing all of your back to school shopping, grabbing notebooks, glue, and pens for the kids, make sure to grab a few rechargeable batteries, cuz mama's goin back to school too!
P.S. Those cute little plastic teddy bears? Yep, vibrators! Who knew?!?!

Time for Back to School! Check Out Our Hot New Classes!
Uggggh. Is it August already?!? August always brings a sense of dread for me. It is back to school time. And that means that summer is drawing to a close. And that just makes me want to cry. But I thought hey, lets make back to school fun! Let us make this a time to re-educate ourselves. Let it be a time to re-educate yo-self!! Check out our new classes and sign up today on our rates page. Who knew class could be so much fun?
NEW NY CLASSES: Pure Pole Power & Tease and Toy Joy
Tease and Toy Joy: Start with some basic moves from our Basic Moves strip tease class like our sexy Stripper Walk and the Bone Crusher, guaranteed to leave any lover drooling. Then follow it up with a pleasure presentation from Femme Desires that will demonstrate various items to enhance your most intimate moments, from massage oils to edible products to toys for you and him! Oh joy!! First class will be Sept 8th. SIGN UP HERE!!
Pure Pole Power: This class covers basic pole moves for one student in-home only, including spins and positionings. No inversions. You must already have a pole installed in your home. Pre-req: Basic Moves.
The Lap Dance Intensive(Aug 5th ..eeek that is TODAY!!) is BACK!!! For this class only, you need to register @ EMPIRE DANCE, 212.645.2441.
Shop N Strip is back. Events can be held on weekdays AND weekends. Sign up today!!!
HURRY UP!! NYC Desire Series starts THIS WEEK!!! Great for beginners! Sign up to our classes with a friend and save!! SIGN UP HERE!!
Basic Moves workshop: August 15th or August 24th, $45 for 1, $80 for 2
Basic Moves workshop: August 11th or 24th, $45 for 1, $80 for 2
Desire Series: August 11th-12th, $150 for 1, $270 for 2
Strip Club Field Trip: August 16th, $25
Desire II : August 25th-26th, $150 for 1, $270 for 2..**pre-req: Desire I, 3 pkg, or DANCE series
Tease & Toy Joy: Sept 8th, $65 for 1, $120 for 2
Click here for more information OR Check out class descriptions here
September dates will be released shortly.
Wanna crash course or just want to see what we do? Sign up for a Basic Moves Workshop! Only $45!
Know you are ready to learn and want the full treatment? Sign up for the Desire Series! Only $150!
Not yet ready to strut your stuff in front of other students? Sign up for a private lesson or private lesson package!
Have a bachelorette or birthday party coming up? Sign up for a Basic Moves private class just for your group on any day you want!!
Taken a few classes with us already, but yearning for more? Sign up for Desire II!
Wanna see what really goes in the strip club? Sign up for our Strip Club Field Trip! Only $25!
Wanna hot lap dance class for you and your lover? Sign up for Lover's Moves!

Newsletter Secret Special
Shhhh. It's a secret. Mention the August secret newsletter special and save 10% on a private lesson for you or a group of friends if you put a deposit between August 13th & 16th.

My First Vibrator! ...The Follow-Up
I really couldn't get over it, how many of you don't have vibrators!!! And I heard a bevy of reasons as to why. Here are the top four.
1. I don't know how to use one, or I am afraid to use one.
2. I am afraid it will make me not want to have s*x.
3. I am afraid someone will find out.
4. Just straight ole' all around fear.
OK, lets first discuss # 1. Actually, it is pretty easy. There are basically 2 types of vibrators. The ones you insert and the ones you don't. For your first time out of the gate, lets go with the ones you don't insert. Like The Blueberry Buzz that I mentioned last month. Your first time should be in your room alone with the lights dimmed and the mood set. Even putting on a skinamax (cinemax) late night soft core porn might help. You should be totally naked except for panties. And not those granny panties either! Those little red ones that make you feel super hot! First, read the directions and figure out how to load the batteries. Thank god for rechargeable batteries!! If the sound is too loud you can insert some tissue in between the two plastic housings to quiet it down a bit . Start with the lowest vibration. Begin by just.....READ entire story on our blog. Click here.
As for # 2, WRONG!! As I mentioned last month ( the more "s*x" (plastic or fleshy) you have, the less chance for sexual dysfunction, aka no s*x drive! ) it will not only increase s*x drive, but you will learn more how to pleasure yourself. And the more you know about how to pleasure yo-self, the easier it is to tell someone else how to pleasure you! AMEN!
Then # 3. Most online stores ship discreetly in unmarked packages. Also, most stores have a strict policy about your information and what they do with it. They don't sell it or give it away. Be sure to check each individual website's policy. Also, consider buying a silent vibrator, or use it under heavy covers so your nosey roommate won't wonder what that buzzing sound is all about. When it comes to storage, think like a teenager with a diary....store your toy in a secret space. Perhaps deep between your mattresses or in the bottom of your sock drawer in a special bag. Definitely don't leave it on the nightstand! But then again, nowadays they have multiple toys that look like ordinary objects, like the little bears above, lipstick, pens, and even flashlights.
And for # 4, well the only thing to fear is fear itself. Of course, the first time will be a little scary, but wasn't it scary the first time you kissed some one or made love. And wasn't it worth it?!?!?!
But I know a lot of you are still a bit nervous, or maybe you are super excited and just don't know where to start. Well, for my New York , New Jersey ladies, have we got a deal for you! TEASE AND TOY JOY!!!
1 hour and 30 minute Basic Moves Class that includes a cheat sheet with all the moves you learn in class. (there is no nudity in our classes)
1 hour and 30 minute Pleasure Party presentation.
15 minute break in between classes.
Plenty of time after the Pleasure presentation to make any necessary purchases :)
Event limited to 12 ladies
September 8th @ 6 PM
$65 for one or $120 for 2 ladies. SIGN UP HERE!!
So what are you waiting for? Sign up here: Sign up for private lessons/public classes here. And make sure to bring. After all, friends that strip and buy toys together...well, those are some damn good friends!!! :)

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