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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

NEWSLETTERS: December Update

December Update 12-02-07

Happy Holidays ladies! So, December is finally upon us. And for many of us that means a whole heck of a lot of added stress. Holiday planning, gift buying, party attending, family gatherings, food, and the dreaded winter weight gain! It can be too much! But what we have to remember is that some how we got through it all last year, and the year before, and the year before that. This too shall pass. And when it has, what fantastic memories we will have! The perfect gift given; hopefully the perfect gift received; the most amazing party thrown; the absolute best party attended; a peaceful family gathering full of love and sharing and a holiday to top years before. Because in spite of all of the added stress, this really is "the most wonderful time of the year!"But ladies, make sure you have that memory this year that might have been missing from last year. It is the memory of the most magnificent gift that you gave yourself. Oh and I have some ideas if you are drawing a blank ;) And if you are still stumped on the perfect gift for him, then come take a class. Then you can show him what Santa does to boys on the naughty list! xoxox-Kimberly

P.S. Our gift certificates make a great stocking stuffer!

December-January Schedule
And he whistled and shouted and called them by name:Now Dasher, now Dancer. Now Prancer and Vixen... Hmmmm, night at the strip club or famous Christmas poem?.....you decide.Seriously, that doesn't just apply to reindeer! Dash into class to prance and dance with us, and release your inner vixen. Find out why we're on the naughty list every year, and proud of it!New Class Schedule (sign up and see locations on the Rates/Schedule page)NEW YORK CLASSESDecember
Basic Moves Intro Class: Dec 17th, Mon 7:30-9:30 pm ...3 spots left
Desire IA (Weekend Cram): Dec 15th, Sat 12-3:45 pm ...3 spots left
Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 11th, Fri 6:15-8:15 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 26th, Sat 5:45-7:45 pm
January Desire IA, IA Cram, IB, IIA, Lap Dance Intensive, and Strip Club Field Trip schedule will be released in a couple of weeks. So, stay tuned....
Basic Moves Intro Class: Dec 12th, Wed 7-9 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: Dec 16th, Sun 1-3 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 7th, Mon 7-9 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 19th, Sat 5-7 pm
Desire IA: Jan 9th-23rd, every Wed 6-7:10 pm
Desire IA (Weekend Cram): Jan 26th 2-5:45 pm
Remember, if these dates don't work for you, you can always sign up for a private lesson and take the class when it works for you! Day or night. Class Schedule HERE!Prices:Basic Moves Intro Class $45, $80 for 2Desire Series $90Strip Club Field Trip $25Lap Dance Intensive $45, $80 for 2

Newsletter Holiday Secret Special
Shhhh. It's a secret. Mention the December Secret Newsletter Special and save 10% on a private lesson for you or a group of friends, if you put down a deposit between December 12th -14th.

Stripper Strength Update. Workout Classes to Start in January in TX and NYC!
Boy, what an ordeal it was to find new space in New York! But after nearly 3 weeks of searching we found it! I want to thank the many of you who showed your support during this trying time. And thanks for all the suggestions on where to find a new space. I can now say that I know about every single dance studio/rehearsal space in New York City! So a few things will be changing for NYC gals. First, will obviously be the location. Second, will be the length of the class, and last will be the price of the class. Read below for all the details and see you in class!!And Texas gals, it is finally here! Now you too can experience the thigh-burning, ab-crunching, butt lifting, toe pointing, hot, hot, stripper strength work-out class! Oh, and here is the best part for all students (even previous Empire Dance students) your first class is totally FREE! Yay!

Stripper Strength is a strengthening and flexibility class with a bit of spice designed to help you move and feel better in other StripXpertease classes and in life!
All Stripper Strength weeknight classes for NYC and Austin will start in January.
Class runs 1 hour and 10 minutes.
Women 18 and over only, NO exceptions.
Private room with NO spectators.
Class can be performed in sneakers or bare feet, but heels are recommended, and fun too!
Class is perfect for all women, all ages, all fitness levels.
Wear normal gym attire. No nudity! (However, booty shorts and sports bras are ok)
We require you to come with an open mind and with out judgement about your body or others.
Bring water, be prepared to push yourself, work hard, sweat, feel sexy, and have fun!!!
SCHEDULE:NYCTuesdays: 6:10-7:20 pm @ Player's Theater (Studio 2D) MAP Starts Jan 8thWednesdays: 8:10-9:20 pm @ Ripley Grier (Studio 16P) MAP Starts Jan 9thSundays: 2-3 pm (short class, 55 minutes) @ You Should Be Dancing MAP (you must sign up/pay at their location for Sunday class) Starts Dec 2ndAUSTINTuesdays: 7:00-8:10 pm @ Free Spirit MAP Starts Jan 8th RATES:First class is free!!! Yep, thats right! So what do you have to lose....except your inhibitions?Drop-ins are $20.004 class card: $74.0010 class card: $165.0020 class card: $362.50Class cards and drop-ins may be purchased online on the Rates/Schedule page.

POLICY:For class rules/payment procedure, see the bottom of our Rates page or click here.

StripXpertease Info
Private Lessons & Public Classes: Striptease, Lap Dancing, Floor Moves, Full Routines, Strengthening Class, Couples Class, Lingerie Shopping Tours, Field Trips, Pleasure (Toy) Parties
Sign up for private lessons/public classes here.
See all class descriptions here.
WEB: StripXpertease.com
PHONE: 1.800.747.1462 OR 212.677.1831
EMAIL: info@stripxpertease.com
Studio Classes available in NYC & Austin, Texas.
In-home classes available in NYC & Austin, Texas. In home classes also available in NY, Northern New Jersey, Long Island, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and various other Texas cities for an additional travel fee.
This newsletter goes out to all new sign ups until next newsletter release.
FEEL FREE TO FORWARD ONTO FRIENDS: Subscribe to the StripXpertease mailing list.
You can see previous newsletters on our blog

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