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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Women who don't like when their man looks at porn

OK ladies. This is a problem. I just saw a Tyra episode about this. Ladies....GET OVER IT!

There is nothing wrong with porn. That being said, anything can become an addiction. But I am talking women tripping over a once in a while viewing. Big deal. I am even ok with a weekly view or even every other day.

If a man wants to look at porn, let him. Let him ladies please. Because it's either porn or the lady he works with...seriously. We all need outlets. Men are wired differently than us. It isn't cheating when your boyfriend or husband looks at porn. It is cheating when he ending up sleeping with some random girl because he is so sexually frustrated because you freak out when he even glances at Playboy. I mean are you a murderer if you watch Kill Bill? Exactly.
Think about what it is exactly that bothers you. That he'll find those women more attractive? That he'll want to try a new position? Maybe the answer is yes. But so what? Porn stars for the most part are hot. That's why men like to look at them. But big deal. How many movies do you watch because of a hot movie star. I mean are you renting Oceans 11 just for the story line?Are you are renting Babel to see Kate Blanchett's winnign performance or Brad pitt all sweaty and hot?
And so he wants to try a new position. Variety is the spice of life. Try it you may like it!!

Also can I say you yourself should check it out. Porn is fun...watch it with your man. Believe me nothing makes a man happier (well...besides head). But really ladies. It is just an outlet, like shopping. And as long as women are allowed to try on shoes they could never afford and drool over jewelry we will never buy, men should be allowed to look at porn in peace.

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  • At January 21, 2008 7:22 PM , OpenID sasse142 said...

    I think its all about insecurity. Most women feel like "well why does he feel the need to look at another woman, what the f is wrong w/ me". :-(

    I think its sad...

    Porn is fun! lol if women were more open minded i think there'd be alot of happier couples.

    Erika V


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