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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Smart Balls!!

Hi Ladies,

Sorry it has been so long. Been a busy gal. But I discovered a new toy! Thought I would share. Smart balls aka benwah balls. Used to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Your PC muscles as they are often called. These guys are especially good for women over 40 or women who have given birth to bring you back to pre 21 tightness. Ahhh!

So I have been wanting to buy a wand to strengthen. ( ps I am not over 40 nor have a had a child but I would like pre 21 tightness!). This way you can see the little bugger going up and down, kinda like a see saw. But then I saw these Smart Balls and realized I already had some. (I bought a truck load of stuff once when the boy was coming up from Texas.) So now knowing what they are used for, I went to work.

Apparently you insert and hold them in while doing your kegel exercises. And for some women that are a little weaker, the first exercise is just holding them in.

So I tried it...In fact, doing it right now. No problem holding them in so far.

I read on a few sites that girls wear them all day long. I also read that they can make you a little happy as you walk around. Still waiting on that but I haven't walked around a lot, but the dogs do need to be walked....

I wondered how many women have I actually talked to that are sportin two ben wah balls as we discuss politics. Awesome.

I might go for all day ladies. We'll see.

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