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Friday, March 28, 2008

Match.com and internet dating...part I

Since this is something I have been discussing a lot with you gals lately in class, I thought I would talk more about it here. Because you single gals really need to jump on this ride!!

Yes, as most of you who I see often know, after 10 years of on again off again, things are finally really over with "The Boy"....yep, the boy from Texas. So, I am dating again. And let me tell you, it ain't easy! But since I starting dabbling it has gotten easier. And due to the busy life I lead I have been sticking to internet dating, which again, hasn't been easy. But after a year of on again off again on this ride, I have figured out a few things and have finally gotten the hang of it.

Here is how it all started...

So, things starting souring with the boy in late summer of '06. And I was like screw this, I am dating other people! But due to the stresses of StripXpertease I had negative free time. Also, meeting guys in a bar was always weird for me. This was typical:

We meet, he buys me a drink, we chat, and then this happens...
him: so what do you do for work?
me: (internally: oh shit here we go...) well, I uh, teach dance.
him: oh yeah, that's cool. like hip hop or like tango...
me: i teach women (internally: can i really avoid any further questions?)
him: oh yeah? what exactly?
me: (internally: guess not!) I teach umm striptease.
him: wow (with like a head nod and a good look up and down) that's cool.
me:(internally: please don't ask how i got into it)
him: so, how did you get into it?
me: (internally: of course!) well, i used to be a dancer.
him: ohh, like that kind of dancer
me: yep, like that kind of dancer.

And then ladies, it just gets weird. Their demeanor would change and you know it was just awkward for me. So I said OK, bar scene is weird, and I don't have time for it anyway, so what is a girl to do? Then there was one of those E-harmony commercials. I thought OK!! My roomie said that because the sign up process was long and it cost on a monthly basis that I should give it a shot. That there should be quality guys. I said, I am in and joined the masses of daters in September of '06.

Let me just tell you, E-harmony majorly sucked for me. I will tell you more about that later. But during my E-harm run, a close friend had signed up with Match.com. She said it was like shopping, but for boys. She said you can look and look and try on, but you don't really have to buy. Well hell, I love shopping, so in December '06 I signed up for a 6 month run on Match. Again, it was terrible. I met one guy that I actually liked and it quickly became totally f*&^ed up. I mean, ....well ...that will have to be another story. Anyhow, I ended up patching things up with The Boy, realizing that the dating world sucked and none of them could compare to him anyway (yeah, yeah, f'in hindsight).

Well almost 1 yr to the day of the first major problem with The Boy that sent me running to e-harm, there came a second one, last summer. In my heart, this one could not be forgiven. We tumbled along until ....well, again another story. Any-who, right as the last sparks were dying and the painfully lonely holidays were rolling through I got an email from Match. It said 6 months for the price of one. I said screw it, lets give it one more go. And it has been really amazing! I haven't gone on a ton of dates yet, but the ones I have have been great and I have met some men that I really like. There is one in particular, but again, more on that later. I think I have learned how to use the system and how to meet guys that will end up not being jackholes. Guys that I will actually like and that will hopefully like me. I will tell you all more about what I have learned, but for now single gals sign your ass up, and I will be in touch about my latest adventures on the search for Mr. Right...or at least Mr. right now :).

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  • At March 31, 2008 8:35 AM , OpenID sasse142 said...

    Wow, I always thought those sites were full of weirdos lol...glad to hear it has been working out for you... :-)

    *Erika V*


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