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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My sexy stocking guy

There was a man who used to come see me. He was older, slightly balding, short...and yet I found him to be strangely sexy. He was always well dressed and very well spoken. He was also in to the S&M scene. I actually learned a few things about that world from him. He looooved thigh highs. I suppose that might of been why he started asking me to come over to his table because I often wore them. Anyhow, one day he actually brought a pair into the club. In a brown bag. He pulled them out and I thought. YAY! How sweet.
Truth is with thigh highs they get snags in the club sooo often. I mean your grinding your shin against various crotches with buttons and zippers. You are on the stage floor, full of splinters. And then their own your own nails, culprit numero uno. So I was stoked that he actually bought a pair. It was no big deal, customer brought in little gifts all the time. But he had special request. He wanted me to put them on ...in front of him. OK. No biggie. It was a simple request. I remember the first time I was like, "Oh shit, what if my feet smell bad?!" Let me tell you stripper shoes can start to get a little stinky. I mean you wear them every night, your feet sweat, and you often get drinks spilled on you and down into your shoe, so all that can make for a bit of the funk. But luckily I was all good. Not that I think he would have minded anyway.
So of course I put them on. Dragging the event out so that he could soak in every moment. It was funny to watch him watch me slowly slide them up. Maybe that is what I liked about him, that I could have this crazy power over him with just a little nylon. He always wanted to sit in the back of the club so that no one could see him. I wondered if he was ashamed of his little fetish. If he only knew the fetishes I had seen in this joint. This was normal baby.

But this became our routine. He didn't really get dances but he would pay me for our little stocking soiree. Worked for me, easy money and free stockings. I wonder where he is now...

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