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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Due to a leap year, we get one extra day before we say goodbye to February. The month for love, groundhogs, and dead presidents. I, for one, am glad that Valentine's Day is over, because I have a love/hate relationship with this holiday. But whether you love it or hate it, it always comes around, every year, tempting us to top the year before with romantic get-aways, sexy lingerie, and a night filled with passion to rival all other nights. To me, it seems like a big competition for who has the most romantic boyfriend/husband. Bah! Here is how I see February. We only need one holiday! Combine all 3 holidays, call it Ground Presi-tine's Day, and make it a national holiday so that we can stay home from work and be romantic with our loved ones groundhog style! Yeah! Seriously ladies, write your congressman.
Regardless, I hope that this year was good for you, whether you spent it with your honey, your best friends, or alone with those yummy boys, Ben and Jerry! The point is, Valentine's Day is over. The pressure is off. Time to grab your heels, get into class, close your eyes, feel the music, and just let the sexy just flow.

See ya there.


SXT News!

For Texas ladies, Stripper Strength will now also be offered on Thursdays at 8 pm starting March 20th. And for New York gals, the Tuesday class has found a permanent home at Pearl Studios starting March 5th.
To help with any confusion, the Desire Series will now be in sections I, II, III, and IV. If you have already had classes and are confused about which series to take, email me and I will help you out.
We now are offering the Lap Dance Intensive and the Strip Club Field Trip in Texas.
And finally, we now have a referral program for private lessons! If you refer 4 friends that each book a private lesson, whether it is just for themselves or for a group such as a birthday or bachelorette party, you will receive a fr*ee in studio private lesson for yourself!

March-April Schedule
Note: To ensure a spot in class, please try to sign up at least 1 week in advance. New Class Schedule Locations are listed on the Rates/Schedule page. Location details on Contact/Location page.

Basic Moves Intro Class: March 1st, Sat. 6:15-8:15 pm SOLD OUT
Basic Moves Intro Class: March 31st, Mon. 7-9 pm, TBA
Stripper Strength: Tuesdays 6:10-7:20 pm @ Pearl, Wednesdays 8:10-9:20 pm @ Ripley Grier ***first class is fr*ee!
Stripper Strength short class (55 minutes): Sundays 2 pm @ YSBD
Desire I: March 5th-19th, Wednesdays, 6:10-7:20 pm @ Champions
Desire I Cram: March 8th, Sat. 12:10-4:00 pm SOLD OUT
Desire I Cram: March 29th, Sat. 12:10-4:00 pm @ Pearl
Desire II: March 14th-28th, Fri. 7:10-8:20 pm @ Pearl
Desire II Cram: March 15th, Sat. 12:10-4:00 pm @ Pearl
Lap Dance Intensive: March 27th, Thurs. 7:15-9:15 pm @ Pearl
Strip Club Field Trip: March 20th, Thurs. 8 pm

Basic Moves Intro Class: April 12th, Sat. 4-6 pm, TBA
Basic Moves Intro Class: April 24th, Thurs. 7-9 pm, TBA
Stripper Strength: Tuesdays 6:10-7:20 pm @ Pearl, Wednesdays 8:10-9:20 pm @ Ripley Grier, ***first class is fr*ee!
Stripper Strength short class (55 minutes): Sundays 2 pm @ YSBD
Desire I: April 14th-28th, Mondays, 6:40-7:50 pm @ Pearl
Desire I Cram: April 19th, Sat. 12:10-4:00 pm SOLD OUT
Desire II: Dates coming soon
Desire II Cram: April 26th, Sat. 12:10-4:00 pm @ Pearl
Lap Dance Intensive: April 17th, Thurs. 7:15-9:15 pm @ Pearl
Strip Club Field Trip: April 10th, Thurs. 8 pm


Basic Moves Intro Class: March 3rd, Mon. 7-9 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: March 29th, Sat. 4-6 pm
Lap Dance Intensive: March 14th, Fri. 7-9 pm NEW TEXAS CLASS!
Strip Club Field Trip: March 13th, Thurs. 8 pm NEW TEXAS CLASS!
Desire I: March 12th-26th, Wednesdays 7:00-8:10 pm
Desire I Cram: March 15th, Sat 2:00-5:45 pm
Stripper Strength: Tuesdays 7:00-8:10 pm, Thursdays 8:00-9:10 pm (Thursday class starts March 20th)
Basic Moves Intro Class: April 12th, Sat 4-6 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: April 16th, Wed. 8-10 pm
Lap Dance Intensive: April 19th Sat. 7-9 pm
Strip Club Field Trip: April 30th 8 pm
Desire I: April 14th-28th, Mondays 7:00-8:10 pm
Desire I Cram: April 26th, Sat. 2:00-5:45 pm
Stripper Strength: Tuesdays 7:00-8:10 pm, Thursdays 8:00-9:10 pm
Remember, if these dates don't work for you, you can always sign up for a private lesson and take the class when it works for you! Day or night. Class Schedule HERE!
Basic Moves Intro Class: $45, $80 for 2
Desire Series: $90
Strip Club Field Trip: $25
Lap Dance Intensive: $45, $80 for 2
Stripper Strength: 1st class is fr*ee. See website for class card prices.

Dymystifying the Strip Club

The strip club field trip is one of my favorite nights of the month. I love going back to the club as a customer. It is like visiting your old hometown. You see how much has changed and yet, how much remains the same. There are things you miss and things that you thank God you don't have to deal with anymore. But what I really enjoy is demystifying the club for girls who have never been. Showing them how sterile sexuality can be here and also how it can ooze from every surface. Revealing the inner workings, exposing secrets, and narrating the internal dialogue every stripper has in her head.
I think a lot of women are secretly dying to step inside. It is kind of like the boy's bathroom. You know it is there, you pretty much know what it looks like, but because it is a mysterious place that you never seem to be allowed to go, there is a little thrill when you step inside. Then you realize, oh, it's just a boy's bathroom. Big deal, and kinda gross!
I remember my first time walking into a strip club. There were breasts everywhere! Part of me just wanted to stare. I mean, never had I seen so many boobs running free. And so many perfect ones at that. Then part of me felt, no, you shouldn't look. It was a battle...look, don't look, hers are huge, you are supposed to look, don't gawk, look again, are those real? And then I witnessed a table dance. Wow! I actually used to think a table dance was done on the actual table. Well, she used the table but the only thing she was dancing on was him. I was also surprised by how the men were reacting. Some were totally mesmerized, others seemed to not even notice the flesh bouncing in their faces, some were even watching TV! I remember thinking the women were all so beautiful. How did they all hold themselves so well, with such confidence? How were they all just walking around naked, like no big deal? How did they all smell so good, have such perfect bodies, such smooth skin? How did they move so slowly, so seductively? How did they make every guy feel like he was the only one in the room. It all felt so magical.
Very soon, I would find the answers to all of those questions. My first year of dancing reflects that childhood memory of discovering how your uncle really pulls a quarter out of your ear. I discovered that it was all smoke, mirrors, and sideshow magic. I also discovered how entertaining and empowering it could be to become the magician.
The great thing for me is even after seeing the man behind the curtain, that magic is still there. Just as even when you learn that the quarter never really leaves his hand but is merely hidden, you still enjoy the trick. I think this is what brings so many men back again. They know how the trick works, but it is still a pretty good trick. There is something so arousing and forbidden about this world where you can be a voyeur or even participate in an atmosphere that intertwines music, writhing bodies, liquor, money, and the two sexes in a constant push-pull for control.
Strip clubs all across the United States are all the same. So if you really want to know what it is like, you simply have to go. A lot of couples and groups of women go on the weekends. Go and see for yourself. Or go with us, we go every month. The field trip is now going on in Texas and New York. Ask questions. Get a lap dance. And like the first time you see a real life magic show you will be awed, amazed, a little mystified, and you'll probably want to see it again.

Secret Special: Save 10% on a private lesson if you put down your deposit on March 3rd.

Give-Away: Be the first to correctly name the song and artist these lyrics belong to and win a free pass to the next Basic Moves Workshop of your choosing. From one of my old school favorite songs to strip to!She paints her eyes as black as night.....Good Luck!!


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