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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NEWSLETTERS: January Update '08

New January Dates 12.0

Hello ladies,
Just wanted to share the new dates for January in NYC. Also, check out our NEW practice/performance CLASS, the Risqué Rehearsal. In this super fun class you have a whole 2 hours to practice to your favorites tunes under the watchful eye of your instructor. At the end of the class, any student who wishes will have the opportunity to have their own risqué rehearsal in front of the whole class, complete with flashing club lights, their own outfit, and song of their own choosing. That's right, dance just like you're at the strip club, but without the boys! This class is open to any student who has taken at least one StripXpertease class, and is only $35! Hope to see you all in class!

P.S. Don't forget, our gift certificates make a great stocking stuffer!


New Class Schedule (locations are listed on the
Rates/Schedule page Class Descriptions HERE )

December (most classes are already SOLD OUT)
Stripper Strength: Sundays 2 pm

Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 11th, Fri 6:15-8:15 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 26th, Sat 5:45-7:45 pm
Stripper Strength: Tuesdays 6:10 pm, Wednesdays 8:10 pm, Sundays 2pm
Desire IA: Jan 6th-20th, Sundays 4:10-5:20pm
Desire IA Weekend Cram: Jan 19th, Sat 12:00-3:45 pm
Desire IB: Jan 7th-21st, Mondays 7:10-8:20 pm
Lap Dance Intensive: Jan 24th Thurs, 8-10 pm
Strip Club Field Trip: Jan 31st, Thurs 8 pm
**NEW CLASS**Risquè Rehearsal: Jan 17th, Thurs 8-10 pm

Basic Moves Intro Class: Dec 16th, Sun 1-3 pm

Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 7th, Mon 7-9 pm
Basic Moves Intro Class: Jan 19th, Sat 5-7 pm
Desire IA: Jan 9th-23rd, Wednesdays 6-7:10 pm
Desire IA (Weekend Cram): Jan 26th, Sat 2-5:45 pm
Stripper Strength: Tuesdays 7 pm

**Remember, if these dates don't work for you, you can always sign up for a private lesson and take the class when it works for you! Day or night. Class Descriptions HERE

Basic Moves Intro Class $45, $80 for 2
Desire Series $90
Risqué Rehearsal $35
Strip Club Field Trip $25
Lap Dance Intensive $80 for 2 tickets

December-January Schedule

StripXpertease Info.
Private Lessons & Public Classes: Striptease, Lap Dancing, Floor Moves, Full Routines, Strengthening Class, Couples Class, Lingerie Shopping Tours, Field Trips, Practice/Performance Class, Pleasure (Toy) PartiesSign up for private lessons/public classes here.See all class descriptions here.

WEB: StripXpertease.com
PHONE: 1.800.747.1462 OR 212.677.1831
EMAIL: info@stripxpertease.com
Studio Classes available in NYC & Austin, Texas.In-home classes available in NYC & Austin, Texas. In home classes also available in NY, Northern New Jersey, Long Island, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, San Marcos, and various other Texas cities for an additional travel fee.
You can see previous newsletters on our blog

Newsletter Secret Special
Shhhh. It's a secret. Mention the December Secret Newsletter Special and save 10% on a private lesson for you or a group of friends, if you put down a deposit between December 12th -14th


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