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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Strippers dating customers.

Did I do it ? (I hear this one a lot.)

Well, ...define "date."

From my experience and the stories of others, there are 5 different kinds of strip club customer-dancer dating.

  1. First, there is going out with a customer strictly for money, with nothing SEXUAL. I did this a few times, but generally hated it. Because you had to be "on" all night. You know, you had to be that personality that they liked the entire evening. That is hard work!! It was usually just dinner, usually several hundred dollars. I only did this the last year I was dancing. A lot of girls do this with their best regulars.

  2. Then there is going out with a regular because you honestly like him, and he isn't skeezy, and you have a good time. It isn't sexual AT ALL outside the club, just 2 people hanging out like friends. He might pay for some stuff but you pay for a lot yourself too. I have done this a lot. Including a trip to Vegas and several concerts.

  3. Then there are the guys that pay you, that you actually really like and you wish they weren't paying you. But that only happened once, and he was married. I felt bad about it afterwards, even though again, there wasn't any sexual contact. I was still very young, under 21 I believe. We went shopping, smoked out in his car, and went to dinner. I still have the dress he bought me... although I doubt I can fit into it.

  4. Then there are the few that you are really attracted to, you go out with, they don't pay you, and it is sexual. There were only 2 guys like this for me. One I loved. I mean I actually fell in love with him, and I have only truly been in love with 3 men in my lifetime. We can call him Billy. Billy was hot. And I was feeling spicy. It was the last dance of the night, and I was trying to get a buyer. He took me up on my offer and at the end of the dance, which was hottttt, I said, "You should come back, and you should be single." I think I bought him a shot too and had it sent to his table. We went out for a while. At the time I was in an open relationship with the boy. I should have dumped the boy and stayed with Billy, but it ended up being the other way around. I still regret that. Then there was another, we'll call him Kevin. Ahh Kevin...ha ha. Kevin pursued me hard. He was young, athletic, overly confident, and a bit of a prick, which of course I liked. I finally gave in. He was a stallion and an amazing lover. (Oh, this is the guy that bought me the rabbit!!) We had a lot of fun, and a lot of hot nights, but it never turned into anything overly romantic. I actually saw him recently in Austin. Still yummy. Some day I will tell you ladies about what he calls "The Cobra."

  5. Then there are the girls that actually do go out and perform "favors" for money. I knew some of these girls. But this just wasn't my bag. Of course, it was offered a lot, but I always said no. Once there was this guy who would come in every week and up his offer to sleep with him by a grand...crazy. But still I said no. Even a stripper has her boundaries. :)

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