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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

10 things I wish I would have done while I was stripping

Here ya go.

I wish I would have...

  1. SAVED MORE MONEY...Jesus. And all that goes with this, investing, 401K, etc.

  2. Paid my damn taxes.

  3. Traveled more. I had the cash and schedule to do it. WTF? I was tripping a lot, but not the European kind.

  4. Drank less. So I could at least remember more. Gees my poor liver.

  5. Appreciated my body more. Shit, I looked good, but I always felt that I need to do more, lose more weight, run more, tone up more, surgery, hair dye, etc, etc. Eh, hindsight.

  6. Documented more. I wish I had written more about the day to day stuff I experienced in my journals. I was too obsessed with my relationship and my body to write down those details.

  7. Never got fake nails. It seemed to fit at the time, but now I think I could have done just as well with my own. And I felt like they always looked so garish. So much wasted money.

  8. Use self tanner more and tanning beds less.

  9. Forced myself to get up earlier, instead of sleeping the days away. Granted I worked until at least 2 am everyday that I worked, but yeah. Sleeping past noon every day just feels like wasted time.

  10. Loved myself more so that I would have left the boy and the biz before I ended up hated them as much as I did.


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