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Friday, June 26, 2009

BASIC MOVES INTRO CLASS..tomorrow (Sat 6/27)

How long have you been waiting? You have been wanting to take a striptease class, but you have been too nervous, too busy, too full of excuses! Now is the time ladies. Our Basic Moves Intro class is tons of fun! The moves are basic, yet very spicy. We give you the tools to drop any lover's jaw!

It is a class of up to 12 women, where you learn the basics of exotic dance. The room has a large mirror, but is private so there are no spectators. There is one instructor and everyone participates. The class lasts 2 hours. It is open to all levels and any age (over 18). No dance experience is necessary.

We start with a few basic moves that show you how to move your hips and hands. Then we go over eye contact and a few tricks to help you exude sexiness and confidence. We cover a bit of the ever popular lap dance (using empty chairs) from how to position your lover and yourself, to the rules of contact, to moves that will leave them begging for more. We go over moves that you do facing your audience, whether that is your lover or simply your own mirror, as well as moves done with your back turned to increase the anticipation. We also cover how to remove your lingerie slowly and seductively. You will also get a cheat sheet that covers all of the moves that you learn.

Do you want to feel more sexy, more confident, laugh, move your body, and learn something that every woman is secretly dying to learn? If your answer is YES, then you are in the right spot! This class is perfect for all ages, sizes, and shapes of women with a little, a lot, or even no dance experience. Everyone starts on an even playing field. We have taught all women from 18 to 68, size 2 to size 20, Sunday school teachers, CEOs, professional dancers, and those who have never hit the dance floor. The class is small so you get individual attention and feel at ease with the group that you are in. Also, we understand that everyone coming into a class like this is nervous and we strive to make everyone feel comfortable and protected. And the routine can be done for a lover or just for yourself to reconnect with the inner sexiness that you have inside.

A pair of high heels, an extra bra, and an open mind.

It is super easy. You can sign up on our website. The Intro Class is $35 for one ticket. If you purchase 2 tickets (yep, grab your best gal pal and get a discount!) they are only $30 a piece. All classes are pre-pay. You can sign up here. The next class is this Saturday. Once your payment is processed you will receive an email with further information. You can also call into the office to sign up over the phone 1.800.747.1462.
Feel free to call with any questions. You can also send us an email at info@stripxpertease.com .

Can't make the Basic Moves Intro Class this weekend? Then check out our Punch Card Classes! Classes are open to all levels especially beginners. Each class is 1 hour and 10 minutes. And rates start at $20 per class! No reason to prepay, drop-ins welcome. All PC classes held at Ripley Grier Studios. Actual room location subject to change. Please check Ripley Grier main board.

Purchase tickets/class cards here.

Detailed class descriptions here.

Stripper Strength: Tuesdays 6:10-7:20 pm, studio 16P.
Desire Series: Wednesdays 6:40-7:50 pm, studio 16P.
Stripper Strength: Wednesdays 8:10-9:20 pm, studio 16P.
$$Punch Card Prices$$:
Drop-ins $20
Or buy a punch card and save:
4 class card $74
10 class card $165
25 class card $325.50

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