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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The ice trick

OK, so you will need some ice...duh.

As you are dancin' for your man, make sure he has a drink filled with ice next to him as you dance. Then reach in and grab a piece. Squeeze it hard in your hand. As you are lap dancing (make sure to be in Pole Position on this one) lean back and squeeze your hand over your nipple so that water drips onto your breast, right above your nipple. Point your elbow in the sky so that the water runs from your finger tips. Once it starts, it will drip pretty quickly. Put the ice cube on your nipple and roll it around a few times then lean back and drag it across to the other nipple. Then you have two options...
1. Put it in your mouth , then lean in to kiss him and put it into his mouth.

2. Lean over him in Pole Position, so that the water will drip into his mouth, from your nipple. You can even say "open wide."
Trust me. He will looove this one

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