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Sunday, June 28, 2009

The match trick

So for this trick, you need to be topless, and you need a book of matches. And please practice before you do this. Lets start with one nipple at a time.
Tear out a 2 matches. Take one and split the bottom in two. Like the match has legs. Let the legs go half way up the match stem. Then make sure your nipple is hard and put the "legs" on your nipple with the match head sticking up. Squeeze the legs together on the nipple to give them more grip them make sure you pull the match head away from your nipple so it's pointing out at an angle; that way it won't burn you as it ignites. Then use another match to light it. Make sure that the head is pointing away from your body by holding the legs around the nipple and pulling it away from your body. This is key! Then once it is lit, let go. Do a little shimmy. Then when the fear sets in, blow it out. Or let him. But go at least 5 seconds.
Once you can master one, then you can move on to two nipples.
Good luck! And don't burn your house down!

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