Abby is a Berlin, CT native and currently lives in Astoria. She has a Culinary degree and works in the hospitality industry. Though she is not a trained dancer, she has always used various forms of art to express herself. She often would paint, draw, sculpt or write poetry. Now she uses dance as her outlet for expression.


I found SXT while looking to change up my workout routine. I had tried a sexy aerobics class and a burlesque boot camp, but the classes weren't challenging enough. After my first Stripper Strength class I was hooked! I soon branched out to try all the other classes StripXpertease offered. These classes helped me embrace my body and movements and my inner beauty. My confidence has gone through the roof and it has positively affected all aspects of my life. These classes allow me to embrace my inner sex goddess and provide fun and laughter after a hard day of work. I love taking these classes, working with Kim and all the wonderful SXT Ladies and making new friends. I'm glad I can share these things with you.


I'm not a trained dancer. I actually had never taken a dance class until I moved to New York. Once I started taking dance classes they opened my eyes and my world to a new art form. Being very artistic as a child I found beauty in many things, including dance, though I never thought I could make dance into anything beautiful. I was always a bit awkward and found it hard to make myself look (or feel) sexy while dancing. Kim has helped show me the way to feeling and moving through music to understand what it takes to express myself with my body through movement. Dance has become my outlet for creativity. I feel better, happier, healthier and more beautiful now that dance is part of my life

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