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Friday, February 26, 2010


Yep the blog is busted, pics missing, links broken...plus blogger is kickin out all its ftp users which we happen to be one of. So we will be moving the blog...prob off blogger, and it will be back this spring. Hope to be posting more then as well.
 much love ladies!
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lean CPR for Free. You're gonna need it after your lap dance.

Your super sexy lap dnace may leave your honey gasping for air. But would youreally know what to do in a life or death situation? NYFD is hosting free classes.
Yummy fireman showing me mouth to mouth? ..sign me up honey!


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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

I know it's been a while, but we're gonna continue this little hiatus for another month while we work on making our classes better for you and putting more of those classes on the schedule. That is what it's all about after all. :)

...be back in a few weeks.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another day in the life of a stripper interview..and my 2 cents

Diablo Cody, before the big time.


Brook Busey-Hunt seemed to have it all. A college degree. Two loving parents. A job at an advertising agency and a supportive boyfriend.
So how in the world did she end up on the stripping pole?
In her words, boredom. Lol...yeah, isn't that why we all turn to stripping? She was 24. With her Catholic upbringing, she had never been on a motorcycle, gotten pregnant or thrown a drink in someone's face.
She was a drag.
So on a whim, Busey-Hunt decided to sign up for amateur night at a strip joint in Minneapolis. While she didn't win, she was seduced by an adrenaline rush she had never felt before. She continued to strip, eventually giving up her day job at an advertising agency to strip full-time.
"I think that for some people just doing the amateur night was enough to fill their curiosity," says Busey-Hunt, who writes under the name Diablo Cody. She grew up in Chicago and moved to Minneapolis for a man she met on the Internet and later married. "I became addicted. It was liberating for me."
Busey-Hunt, now 27 and a TV critic at an alternative weekly in Minneapolis, recounts her year dancing on the pole in "Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper" (Gotham, $24).
The book chronicles her adventures in the sex industry, with such intimate details as why clubs are kept cold (customers like it when strippers huddle together)I feel it's because sweaty guys are stinky and hard nipples look good. But yeah, WTF? Always SO COLD! I think it is because we were all half naked. and why strippers who wear white make more money (good girls wear white).
"There are a lot of books that go into the melancholy of stripping," says Busey-Hunt. "I wanted to write almost a traveling guide, where people could read it and almost have fun in the adventure."
Still, in the end, she thought stripping devalued women. She answered a few questions to explain how her walk on the wild side turned into its own kind of drag.

Q: Sounds like this was more about rebellion than needing the money.
A: It was definitely rebellion. It was a huge adrenalie rush because I wasn't accustomed to it. I think more people tend to get addicted to the money and freedom as opposed to the sheer rebellion of the act. I feel it was both for me. I never did well with the white-collar, 9-to-5 profession. I was in a career downward spiral when I was at an age I should (have been) advancing. I was able to ... do something fun.

Q: I have always wanted to know this. Do women really become strippers to put themselves through medical school?
A: No, I think that's a common misconception. It's a fantasy perpetuated by a lot of strippers. I met very few girls who were actually using the money to further their education. They were using it to survive. Sad, but true.
Q: Were any of them hoping this would help them launch a singing, dancing or acting career?
A: Most of the girls were pretty jaded and not that starry-eyed. I think they knew that kind of dream was impossible. The biggest dream was to meet a rich guy and get out of the business. That happened once in a blue moon. True. I think you live in the moment there, I don't remember thinking about the future a lot. That was probably my biggest problem.
Q: Do strippers sleep with the customers?
A: It's not terribly common, but it does happen at every club. You might want to convince men it may happen to lure them into the VIP room. I only know a handful of girls who were actually prostitutes inside the club. Yep, just make them think that juuuuuussst maybe you will.
Q: You say you failed as a stripper. How do you measure success?
A: I was always a pretty low earner. I was never able to propel myself into the upper echelon. I am not a natural-born stripper. I am a geek. I think there are women who have this amazing innate geisha, where they can talk to men and make them feel like pampered creatures. I think a lot of times my personality was challenging to men.
Q: What happened on the day you decided to stop stripping?
A: There were 10 or 15 girls working, and they were going around asking, "Do you want to dance? Do you want to dance?" It seemed so sad. It was a miserable scene. I thought to myself, "I don't want to be a part of this, where we're almost robotic." I saw the power struggle right there in front of my eyes. It's really my essential problem with the entire sex indutry. Women are not appreciated as much as they should be. Women are really treated like meat. Wow. Yep.

HER CUSTOMERS:"Most of them were married or total loners who had a lot of difficulty getting dates. I think they were there because they were disempowered in regular life. Going to a strip club enables them to get some of that power back." Yep.
MOST SHE EVER MADE: $800 in a night, which was low, considering some women brought in $3,000 to $4,000. I don't remember the most I ever made, but it was never over 2k.
BIGGEST SURPRISE: "I think stripping often gets portrayed as a glamourous profession. People look at strippers as being pampered and making thousands of dollars. When you get to see it from an insider's angle, it becomes apparent it's hard work. It was some of the hardest work I have ever done." Amen!

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Biting your guy's dick too much? Try the blow guard..lol.

As they say, "Taking the job out of blow jobs" It has a vibrating piece and it slips over your teeth to protect his manhood from your molars. Fun.

I love this line from the website...PLEASE NOTE: The Blowguard™ is NOT a denture. It's for adults of all ages with or without dentures or real teeth.

Umm, if you don't have teeth, they why the hell do you need the blow guard?!?!?!

I also found a video on the site http://www.blowguard.com/Use_and_Care.html?location=main and yeah..umm its a reeeeal video. So be aware, there is a cum shot. Lol.

Has anyone tried this?! I gotta know!

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Masterign oral sex ...on the ladies

LADIES!!! Show this to your man. NOW. But, be forewarned..this article is steammmy. I put a few comments in red.

A true Playboy knows that to please a woman in bed you need to learn a few techniques for oral sex: Many women say that oral sex gives them more stimulation than penetrative sex so the tongue really can be mightier than the sword. HELLO! There a lots of women who need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Be aware boys! Different women will enjoy different things so don’t be afraid to use that tongue to ask her what she would like you to do – forget about following ‘Ten Easy Steps to Her Oral Orgasm’ articles in lads mags; this is about experimenting and listening to what she is obviously enjoying.
The word ‘enjoy’ is absolutely key in oral sex as if you seem tense or hesitant then your partner won’t relax and enjoy it either. Read that again. One more time. So start off gently by kissing and licking anywhere between her thighs to turn her on, then move on to the clitoris with gentle licking or sucking. Please take your time! Don't just go for the gold. You have to warm her up first. Your face should be down there for several minutes before you even touch the clitoris. Get her to tell you what motion feels the best and change between a relaxed, soft tongue to a firmer, pointed tongue: Some women love an up-and-down licking motion, others like it to go from side to side or a circular pressing-down motion. Remember that you have way more control over your tongue during oral sex than you do with your penis in penetrative sex so why not use your tongue to have sex with her? Yes, please. Thrust your limber flat tongue in and out of her vagina taking a break to use your firm, flexed tongue for pinpoint accuracy, such as when you circle the clitoris.
Whilst we’re on the subject of the clitoris try taking it into your mouth and gently sucking on it while you simultaneously flick your tongue over and around it (You can perform this very lightly or aggressively, depending on what she likes.) There is an old myth that the ‘best’ technique for oral sex is to write the alphabet over and over with your tongue. Now, this has probably worked a few times because the resulting motion of shapes like the letter ‘T’ toys with the clitoris and certain women will enjoy such teasing; but the truth is that she is more likely to reach her peak if you sustain a repeated steady motion which gets faster as she begins to reach climax. Just like you boys. Don’t forget that when you hear the moaning of her approach to climax never suddenly stop, no matter how tired your tongue may be! Yeah! You think our mouths and jaws don't get sore and tired!?!? It sounds crazy but a little tongue training might also help avoid getting ‘tongue tired’ at the wrong moment - try exercises like touching your nose with your tongue 30 times a day to toughen the muscle up a bit.

Finally our last tip for mastering oral sex would be to combine these tongue techniques we’ve outlined with a liberal amount of finger stimulation too: Rubbing your fingers over her G-Spot at the same time as oral sex can pretty much guarantee a mind-blowing orgasm. To ensure your loving hands have the best access to her vagina bring her to the edge of the bed resting her feet on your shoulders while you kneel in front of her demonstrating what a master of oral sex you’ve now become… and who knows what favours you may get in return?

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Monday, July 6, 2009

How to introduce your stripper GF to your family...funny.

This was retarded, but I giggled a little. If you got offended at the Vice article, don't read this one.

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