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Kimberly is an instructor, but also the creator and founder of StripXpertease. Originally from Austin, Texas, she has lived in NYC for 10 years. Although she is no longer dancing, she racked up over 10 years of experience as an exotic dancer in Texas, New York, and New Jersey. She also spent years acting in Texas and New York and co-owned a NYC based film company. She uses those experiences with acting and striptease to bring laughter, fun, and education into all of her classes since 2005. She has choreographed gentlemen's club scenes and exotic dancer's routines for film and theater in New York. She has taught for StripXpertease Austin, Empire Dance Studios, You Should Be Dancing, Kiki de Montparnasse, and Metro Event Planners in New York. AFAA certified.

KIMBERLY ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: I saw the cardio striptease craze explode, and then pole fitness classes. However, I kept meeting women who were taking pole classes that couldn't use what they had learned in their own homes. The pole moves were fabulous, but they wanted more, they wanted to DANCE, not just pull off tricks. I was so disappointed to see that the women who were teaching striptease classes HAD NOT EVEN SET FOOT IN A STRIP CLUB!!! I wanted to teach women sexy moves that they could actually perform for their lovers... or just for themselves, in the comfort of their own bedroom with no equipment needed.

KIMBERLY ON DANCING: Dancing is about expression. I put on a song that has meaning to me and I can just work it out. If I am feeling happy, sad, sexy, ugly, whatever! If I put on that song and start moving, it just gets released. I would put that emotion into dancing and it was like therapy! When I danced on the stage, whatever I felt before was lost. When I danced in Texas, I wasn't the prettiest girl there, but I made excellent money because of the way that I danced. It's all about how you move, how you look at them, and how you feel about yourself, and NOT about how thin you are or how big your boobs are. When I could see myself moving like that, it made me FEEL sexy which in turn made me LOOK sexy!




Naomi is a classically trained dancer who now teaches for SXT. Naomi has never been an exotic dancer, which she feels helps her teach, since she can relate to the students who are learning the movement for the first time.

NAOMI ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: I am constantly inspired by what I see StripXpertease classes do for women. I watch women who are shy, inhibited, and disconnected from their bodies, over the course of a two hour class, become sexy, confident people. Whether it's to please a loved one or just to reclaim their own sexuality, women who participate always seem to get something valuable to take away.

These classes make it okay for women to talk about sex and feel sexy and sexual. Those are areas that are largely considered only appropriate for men. I hope that through SXT classes and other classes like them, we can make it acceptable for women too!

NAOMI ON DANCING: I feel so passionately that this form of dance, when used in the right context, can be incredibly liberating and empowering for women. We are not a society or gender that is comfortable with our bodies. We hyper-sexualize them in the media (and in strip clubs), but the average woman wishes that her body looked different. We have to learn how to embrace who we are and what we are as being sexy. I think that coming into a studio and being taught a dance that makes you look and feel sexy is a great way to do that. You can't dance without claiming your body!




Vanessa studied Anthropology and Latin American studied in college. Both of which have kept her very open-minded when it comes to respecting and appreciating differences in culture, language, sexuality, and so on. Which she believes allows her to be a better teacher. She has been dancing salsa for four years and is a part of an all Ladies performance group which travels to various festivals and events on the east coast.

VANESSA ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: Ever since I began taking classes with Stripxpertease, I have been waiting for the moment to have the opportunity to teach. Stripxpertease has conveyed to me that a perfect waist, unrealistic curves, manicured hands, and flawless make up aren´t what make a woman beautiful, or feminine for that matter. It´s the confidence a woman has for herself. The ability to possess power and control when she wants to; initiating a sensual dance with flirtatious eye contact, irresistible moans, and wandering hands. Having the confidence and feeling comfortable enough to take hold of your own sexuality is what Stripxpertease has shown me to be femininity. And teaching for Stripxpertease allows me to help women in embracing their femininity.

VANESSA ON DANCE: Every dance has a basic step and a foundation to learn upon. The same is true for this form of dance. However, this form is the most intimate and personal dance I think a woman can perform. I feel this dance allows you to convey any and all emotion through your own moves. And is psychologically healthy for you and your self esteem.




Orisha originally from Williamsburg, Brooklyn has been dancing for over 13 years. This includes Afro-Cuban Samba, Street Jazz, Hip-Hop and Ballet. Orisha Re' began professionally teaching and sharing her knowledge and love of dance 6 years ago. She also posseses a Personal Trainer Certification and Group Fitness Trainerfrom IFTA.

ORISHA ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: Everything happens for a reason. I applied to work with Kimberly and for StripXpertease 4 years ago. I didn't get the position then. The Universe didn't think I was ready - I agree. I think the time for me to learn from Kimberly and share that knowledge is now. I feel strongly about a women's need, quest and desire to find her inner SEXY. SEXY - Strong Empowerment eXuding thru You. Sexy is powerful, fun and exciting. A woman should feel and be comfortable in her own skin and I would love to help women SINK INTO THEIR SEXY.

ORISHA ON DANCING: What an amazing way to express oneself. I love movement and the freedom it gives me. Dance is challenging at each and every turn. I always thought working hard to hone the craft that I love would alone be positive and fulfilling and then I began to teach. When you have a room full of children that are beginning their own journeys of movement and personal expression you then feel joy. StripXpertease is my new journey and I can't wait to watch you travel on yours.











Abby is a Berlin, CT native and currently lives in Astoria. She has a Culinary degree and works in the hospitality industry. Though she is not a trained dancer, she has always used various forms of art to express herself. She often would paint, draw, sculpt or write poetry. Now she uses dance as her outlet for expression.

ABBY ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: I found SXT while looking to change up my workout routine. I had tried a sexy aerobics class and a burlesque boot camp, but the classes weren't challenging enough. After my first Stripper Strength class I was hooked! I soon branched out to try all the other classes StripXpertease offered. These classes helped me embrace my body and movements and my inner beauty. My confidence has gone through the roof and it has positively affected all aspects of my life. These classes allow me to embrace my inner sex goddess and provide fun and laughter after a hard day of work. I love taking these classes, working with Kim and all the wonderful SXT Ladies and making new friends. I'm glad I can share these things with you.

ABBY ON DANCE: I'm not a trained dancer. I actually had never taken a dance class until I moved to New York. Once I started taking dance classes they opened my eyes and my world to a new art form. Being very artistic as a child I found beauty in many things, including dance, though I never thought I could make dance into anything beautiful. I was always a bit awkward and found it hard to make myself look (or feel) sexy while dancing. Kim has helped show me the way to feeling and moving through music to understand what it takes to express myself with my body through movement. Dance has become my outlet for creativity. I feel better, happier, healthier and more beautiful now that dance is part of my life




Jessica, who studied Biopsychology in college and continues to work with sensitive populations, has a a background in various dance forms. Jessica believes that with her dance experience in ballet, jazz, modern, exotic, and most recently, belly dance, she finds dance as a form of expression to be the most liberating activity because of how it makes you feel. AFAA certified.

JESSICA ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: I find the classes at StripXpertease to be absolutely amazing. With the striptease fitness craze breaking into full stride, classes have become more clinical, extinguishing the sexy side that came with the original art form. StripXpertease not only maintains the authentic movements of exotic dancers, it also tells the students, it's ok to be fit and confident and sexy, and most of all, it's ok to want to please you partner. Taking class has allowed me to observe how expertise on dance laden with humor makes it a safe and fun space to learn what no other studios teach.

JESSICA ON DANCING: Though classically trained in dance, I find the exotic dance style to be the most empowering. Based in movement that teaches you how to engage your audience, it places the performer in a position of control, something women often lack from their daily experience. Dance, like music allows you to take whatever your experiences and purge the through engaging your whole person; not only healthy for your body, I find dance to be heathy for your mind.

Check her out in her Jenerations photo shoot!




Selma is originally from Queens. She has always enjoyed interacting with others and helping them in any way possible which led her to the fitness industry, both in the client service department and leading group fitness classes. Although not a formally trained dancer, she found her love of dance through Zumba and exotic dance.

SELMA ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: I had always been curious about taking classes in exotic dance. I saw the offer for classes at StripXpertease on Groupon and on a whim my friend and I decided to purchase it. From the first class I was hooked! The nurturing environment kept me coming back. I found a confidence, inner peace, and love for myself I didn't know I had. I have never met a more supportive, fun and amazing group of women!

SELMA ON DANCING: I always felt I had two left feet and would feel unable to fully express myself. However I discovered that I could dance, I just needed to find the right genres for me! Anything can be expressed through dance and since everyone has their own unique style it makes it special. It's great to see each lady take the same type of dance and truly make it their own.




Jillian, born and raised in Long Island, has been pursuing her dreams in the Big City since she moved to NYC at the onset of her college career. Dance has been a prominent fixture in her life from a young age, having studied Ballet, Flamenco, and other traditional Latin dances. While in the city she discovered her love for Exotic Dance, and is excited to share the confidence, strength, motivation, and most importantly fun that she's found through it with as many people as possible. AFAA certified.

JILLIAN ON STRIPXPERTEASE CLASSES: When I discovered Stripxpertease I was in the process of digging myself out of a HUGE rut mentally, emotionally, and physically. I was looking for a fun and sexy fitness class, but what I found was better than I could've imagined. All it took was one class and I never looked back! I fell head over stripper heels and was in class more than my own apartment. The classes at StripXpertease are special for two main reasons, the style of dance and the women who participate in them. Exotic dance, as taught at SXT, celebrates women's bodies, sensuality, and the natural power of the confidence that we all have within. You feel sexy because of the movement, the shoes, and the music, but you feel awesome and empowered because you're able to progress and learn with other women who encourage you. Kimberly and the other instructors work hard to teach and create the hottest moves, most challenging/rewarding workouts, and ridiculously fun events, but they also really put a lot of care and attention into making sure that their students progress at their own levels and have a great time. Having taken dance and fitness classes in New York, New Jersey, and Long Island I can say that treatment like that is not always a given. StripXpertease has helped me in my journey to achieve a level of confidence and self assurance that I previously thought was impossible, and to own and reclaim my sexuality for myself. Everyone can find something different for themselves at StripXpertease, but everyone will definitely find a great time. See you in class!

JILLIAN ON DANCING: Whether dancing in front of my mirror, in a class, or as a member of a dance company I love dance! Since the beginning of time dancing has been a means for people to celebrate, express themselves, and share stories and emotions in a completely nonverbal manner. The concept of that alone is amazing to me. Dance brings people together from all walks of life all over the world. But what I love most about dance is that at the same time it can be completely individual and unique to one person. This is especially true of Exotic Dance. Whether performed for someone or not, every bit of movement is completely your own. Dance lets you be free to express how you feel, or who you are, but allows you the control of showcasing it however you want to. In our hectic lives sometimes shaking your thang in the mirror at home, or at a dance class, is one of the few moments you get to do exactly what you want to do, exactly how you want to do it. Dance is a beautiful thing, and one of the aspects of my life that makes me the happiest.



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Our Mascot


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After the passigng of Harley and Zoe there was a big hole in our hearts that needed to be filled. We found Miss Hazey (a combo of the names Harley and Zoe) and brought her home in March 2014. She is now our new mascot and much loved. If you hear barking in the background when you is her saying, "KEEP IT SEXY!!"




Harley & Zoe

Trying to shake their tails the sexy way since '94 and '95.

Harley (younger and on the left) and Zoe (on the right) have been around exotic dancers since puppyhood, but still can't dance to save their lives. Some things just can't be taught. It is probably because they actually do have 2 left feet.

R.I.P. Zoe

Sept 26, 1994- June 20, 2013

R.I.P Harley

August 16, 1995 - Oct 25, 2013

You are both missed every day.



Express yourself without speaking.

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