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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Perfect At-Home Pedicure

continued from our newsletter...
OK! First you need to gather your supplies. Just click on the links for pictures and suggestions on where to buy.pedi Just remember, this will be an investment, but will pay for itself in a few pedicures. Plus you can use most of these items for manicures too!

  1. Cuticle trimmer: A very important tool, especially for in between maintenance.

  2. Cuticle oil: This is my favorite, smells yummy too.

  3. Quick dry spray: Cuz a girl's got things to do.

  4. Color: I prefer this brand, O.P.I., and Essie, but any will do.

  5. Top coat: Get high shine for days!

  6. Toe separators: I think these are better than the little comb looking separators...oh and toilet paper works too.

  7. Cotton swabs: These are perfect for make up blunders as well. In fact, I can't live without these things.

  8. Under-nail scooper: Great for daily use.

  9. File: A necessity.

  10. 4-Sided Buffer: This one is good too, by tweezerman

  11. Nail brush: Every girl should have one of these.

  12. Cuticle stick: Another necessity. This one has a nail scoop on it as well.

  13. Nail clippers: These have a super easy grip.

  14. Polish remover jar: I prefer the jar, and I always use acetone because it gets all the polish off the first time, I simply refill it with this.

  15. Spa socks: Super comfy!

  16. Foot salve: Good for tired feet and in between pedis.

  17. Cuticle clipper: These are great. Again, I feel tweezerman is always best for tools.

  18. Shine Refresher: Da bomb!

  19. Base coat: This will make the polish stick.

  20. Pumi Stone: I always keep these in the shower

There are also kits you can buy that have several of these items.
Sephora kit
Tweezerman kit Great tools!
Dr. Scholl's kit

First, put your favorite show on and plop yourself in front of the tube. Me, I'm watchin' SYTYCD...ya-yeah! Remember, this is your time to pamper yourself, so pour a glass of wine and turn off your phone... whatever you need to relax.

  • Begin by removing any old polish that is on your nails. I'm telling you, once you go jar, you will never go back! Once the jar gets dirty, refill with new polish remover (word to the wise, use polish remover to wash the sponge out, NOT water)
  • Use the clippers to cut the nails down to the size you desire and then use the file to file the nails down so that they are smooth and even.
  • Then use the buffer on the edge of the nail to make sure it's extra smooth. I prefer using the undernail scoop after filing to get any excess nail. I also use the buffer in a downward motion on top of the nail edge to make sure the edges are nice and smooth.
  • Next, apply a thick coat of lotion to your feet and cover them up with your spa socks. If you don't have the socks, any lotion and cotton socks will do. Let your feet sit in the socks for at least 20 minutes, then draw some warm water in the tub. Don't forget to grab your pumi stone and nail brush before you head to the tub.
  • With your tootsies in the tub, rub a little soap on the stone and scrub the bottom of each foot for at least one minute, at least until your foot feels warm. Don't over do it.
  • Next use the brush to fully remove any lotion/soap from your feet and nails.
  • Dry off your feet and put one sock back on. Yes just one. This will keep the skin moist until you are ready to work on that foot!
  • Now use the under nail scoop on your unsocked foot once more and then use the pusher to push cuticles back. Also use the cuticle clippers where needed. I prefer using the cuticle trimmer all around the nail bed to get rid of extra cuticle.
  • Use the buffer to buff out the top of the nail.
  • Then coat each nail with the Solar Oil.
  • Repeat on the other foot. The lotion will help you see where the dead cuticle is and help with trimming.
  • You can put the sock on the other foot.
  • They will now need one more rinse in the tub. Dry thoroughly and use the toe separators before you polish.
  • Use your base coat, then two coats of polish, then top coat. Use the cotton swabs dipped in remover for any mishaps.
  • Finish by giving them a quick spray with the drying spray and just chill out for another 20 minutes.

Then ta-da, you are ready!

Now the most important part of this whole process is up-keep. That cuticle trimmer and pusher are important. Use the trimmer any time you see your cuticles getting dry. The best time to do this is after the shower when the dead skin actually has a whitesh tint to it, making it easier to remove. I suggest keeping a pusher in your shower and using it towards the end of the shower at least once every 3 days. This will also help prep the skin for the trimmer. And then you have the Essie shine. Using this on your toes every other day will make your polish look new and last longer.

And if in the long run you save tons of cash, you can invest in some of these fun products!

Now, put on your stripper shoes and bring those gorgeous toes to class.

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