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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kimberly playing around at Free Spirit Studio

This is me playing around at Free Spirit with Saralynn after a class. She is recording this on my phone..lol. This is pretty much the floor routine from Desire II. And the song is Feelin' Love by Paula Cole....love that song!

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Newsletter: November Update

November Update 11-14-07

Hello Ladies! It is that time again, the leaves are changing. Trees are shedding their leaves in order to prepare themselves for the winter (to accommodate for a shortage of water and light). Also, this loss of leaves helps prevent frost by reducing their surface area. So essentially, they change to survive. A lot like us, I say. This has also been a time of change for me. Empire Dance, the studio that I have taught at for over a year and a half and rented space from even longer, is closing. And the studio in Austin, Free Spirit, is finally opening. That means big changes for StripXpertease. On top of that, my roommate wants to move both of us to a new apartment (and in New York that is exciting, but no easy feat). But this is life, isn't it? It is constantly changing, and we must change with it to survive. Sometimes the change is welcome, sometimes it is met with fierce opposition, and sometimes it takes the passage of time for us to realize that the transition was truly a blessing in disguise. Either way, change is inevitable. So I will try my best to embrace this ending and new transformation within StripXpertease (see my thoughts below) with grace and dignity. And I think we all should take a cue from nature. When we are forced to change, we should do it like the trees, and transform in vibrant, breathtaking, bold, beautiful style. :)Enjoy the color, it is only there for a brief moment. xoxoxo-Kimberly

November-December Schedule
There will be a limited schedule this November and December. We gotta eat turkey and go shopping after all! Sign up or see schedule HERE!!UPCOMING AUSTIN, TX PUBLIC CLASSESNOVEMBER ...classes are already fullDECEMBER
*Basic Moves Intro Class: December 12th, Wed 7-9 pm.
*Strip Club Field Trip: November 29th, Thurs 8pm ...last trip 'till 2008
*Desire Series IA (weekend cram) November 17, Sat 12-3:45 pm...last Desire Series at introductory rate, only $80
*Desire Series IA November 26th-December 10th, every Mon 7-8:10 pm
*Desire Series IIA November 26th-December 10th, every Mon 8:20-9:30pm
*Basic Moves Intro Class: December 1st, Sat 6-8 pm
*Desire IA (weekend cram): December 15th, Sat 12-3:45 pm....JUST ADDED!
*Basic Moves Intro Class: December 17th, Mon 7:30-9:30 pm
*Desire Series IB December 2nd-16th, every Sun 3:30-4:40 pm
Remember, if these dates don't work for you, you can always sign up for a private lesson and take the class when it works for you! Day or night! Class descriptions HERE!!
PRICES: Basic Moves Intro Class: $45 or $80 for 2Strip Club Field Trip: $25Desire Series: $90

Newletter Secret Special
Shhhh. It's a secret. Mention the November Secret Newsletter Special and save 10% on a private lesson for you or a group of friends if you put down a deposit between November 23-25th.

Goodbye Empire Dance, Hello Free Spirit
I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first? OK, good first. As many of you Texas gals know, Saralynn has been in the process of building her own studio called Free Spirit. No worries ladies, she will still be teaching for us. Having this new studio will finally allow room for all of the ongoing classes that we have had in full swing here in NYC like Stripper Strength and Desire. I have yet to see the finished product, but will get my first glimpse this Xmas. I can't wait! Although the space isn't completely finished, we have been holding classes there already, and students are loving it. Oh, and did I mention there are poles? So, YAY! They will have a grand opening party coming up real soon. I will keep you posted.

Now for the bad news. This Friday, as I was pulling into the airport to head back to NYC, I got a call from Reba, the owner of Empire Dance. I knew that for months they had been planning to move into a new and much better space. I was so excited to have SXT classes in TWO new studios come 2008. Anyhow, Reba goes on to say that the budget for the new place was getting out of control. No surprise there, there are always those damn unexpected costs. But what she said next nearly floored me. She said that due to these costs, Empire Dance would be closing its doors...for good... in three weeks. I just said, "I, uh, I uh, wow, ummm, wow." Then she dropped another bomb. She said that some of the staff would be invited to teach at You Should Be Dancing, keeping our same schedule, and that this company would even honor class cards for current Empire students. Then came bomb number three. I was invited and they needed an answer by Sunday, two days away. Again, I stuttered " I, uh, I uh, wow, I uh, OK."

I had taught Stripper Strength at Empire Dance for a year and a half. I constantly rented space from them for my other classes. I taught at least 4 times a week there. I felt at home there. I thought, where the f*#@ was this coming from!?! Not to mention, as I was on the phone in the truck, my father, who had brought me to the airport, had unloaded my bags and had left them unattended on the sidewalk. I was stuttering to Reba, imagining my bags being confiscated by some overzealous airport security guard and my insides being probed and studied in some airport lockdown. "Dad!," I said, "You can't leave my bags unattended!" He thought that as long as WE could see them that they weren't unattended. Gees.I had a lot of time to think on the plane. Thank god they serve alcohol.

I knew the new studio couldn't possibly take all of us on. Those that were invited to move over would have to cut their class load and leave students out in the dark. I didn't want to do that. I figured the only way to continue was to pray that they could let me teach the classes that they couldn't assimilate somewhere else. And did I even want to teach there? I hadn't even seen the space or met the staff!As I anticipated, the new studio didn't have room for the Tues and Wed night class. They could only take Sunday. So, the Sunday 2 pm class will continue on at You Should be Dancing. For now, the Wednesday day class is canceled, but the Tues night and Wed night class will continue on. However, they will be managed by StripXpertease and will be at a location yet to be announced. I am still ironing out the details, but don't worry ladies, you aren't getting out of the 45 that easy. :)

I hope that you will all stay tuned to find out about the Tues/Wed class. And I hope to see all you Sunday gals at the new space.I had a lot of good times at Empire Dance. I witnessed some amazing dancing, and even took a few classes. I met and taught so many beautiful, strong, and confident women there. I saw my first in between the legs tango kick (wow!) and learned how to step-rock-step in Studio B. I saw my first student cry tears of joy in Studio D&E, and taught my first drag queen in A. Indeed, I learned a lot about teaching in that space. But like I said earlier, all things must change. So goodbye Empire Dance, and thanks for the memories.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions regarding the switch of the Sunday class and class cards, please contact Empire Dance. 212.645.2441. Last Sunday class @ Empire is the 25th. Last Tues/Wed class will be the 20th/21st. Join me after the last Tues/Wed class at Rogue for a farewell cocktail. :) New class info for the Tues/Wed class will be announced through this newsletter in the following weeks.

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