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Saturday, May 17, 2008

New Betty!! Something borrowed something blue..

They have done it again, and just in time for wedding season. A blue betty dye!

Check out the great deals at bettybeauty!

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Luck of the Irish

They have a new one. Reminds me of my old roommate. She had a tattoo right where you would, um, dye, your betty. It was a horseshoe and a four leaf clover. And it said "Feelin' Lucky?"

Is your betty feeling lucky?
Treat your betty like a pot-o'-gold.

bettybeauty's betty, color for the hair down there introduces
LUCKY betty (green) for St. Patrick's Day.
Celebrate the Irish in you with a LUCKY betty!

Each LUCKY betty kit comes with
FREE four-leaf clover stencils and pot-o'-gold & leprechaun tattoos!

Find your four leaf clover and
go for the luck of the betty!

Place your order right away at http://www.bettybeauty.com/.

...get your betty ready for St. Patrick's Day!

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No More Razor Bumps…..Down There!

When you talk about “hair down there”, I have tried it all: shaving, waxing, honey waxing, sugaring (someone even tried threading...ouch). I finally found something that doesn’t irritate my skin and doesn’t leave those unsightly bumps.
Drum roll please……… It’s MAGIC: Shaving Powder.
It is so easy to use and the results are the same as when you get freshly waxed.
First you make a paste by mixing the powder with equal parts water. It smells a little like permanent solution (for those of us who used to rock the perm-yikes!)
After you make it, you apply it on the hair you want removed. You can actually design how you want your hair to look.
Then, you leave it on for about 5 minutes, making sure the paste stays moist. (I reapply the paste several times throughout the 5 minutes).
Lastly, you scrape off the paste with a spatula (I use the blunt side of a butter knife), and off come all of your little hairs. Rinse. Presto! Smooth and bump free.
It only lasts a few days, but the convenience of being able to do it at home and attain bump free skin is worth the added maintenance.
You can purchase MAGIC: Shaving Powder in New York City at Ricky’s and Duane Reade’s. For anyone who has tried it all, like me, this may just be the answer to all your "hair down there” needs.
(Please see Kimberly’s blog: RAZOR BUMPS ..follow up, March 4, 2007, for product pictures and online ordering)

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Reactions to my dyed "betty"

Well, the word is out, and the reaction is mixed. I told my close girlfriends, even gave a few a quick peak. All of the girls were excited, thought it was cool. But the boys...weird. I actually have only shared my news with 2 boys(told not showed). I told my roommate. He asked, "Why?" Why? Why not!? He didn't seem impressed with the idea. He said all men preferred no hair at all, so hair, much less pink hair, would do nothing for him. Interesting. So the I decided to tell the "guy." This boy that I have had an on again off again thing with for a like a decade. If anyone will be impressed, it would be him. I told him on the phone expecting to peak his interest. Nothing. He was worse than the roomie. He said it might actually be a turn off. WHAT?!?! I was crushed. Dang-it! But of course I thought, juuuust wait till he sees it. Then we'll see who is turned off. :)

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Friday, April 6, 2007

Pink Pussy Power!!

Ok, my hair...down there...is pink. And I don't mean baby pink, I mean hot bright pink. And I love it!!!

A few weeks ago, I read an article in Business 2.0 about Nancy Jareki's new company called Betty Beauty. Nancy created Betty Beauty after she saw women sneaking home doggy bags of dye from the beauty shop to essentially make the purse match the shoes. She spent 2 yrs on R&D and came up with Betty Beauty's home pubic hair dye. It gives your "betty" a new life and even covers gray with a super safe, no drip formula.
As I read, my jaw was hanging. I was thinking, what will they think of next, and how do I get some!?! I couldn't WAIT to get on the computer and order online. I was SO siked! They had a few colors: blonde, black, auburn, brown and hells yeah, hot pink!!! I of course ordered "Fun Betty," the pink dye.

It arrived fairly quickly. I had already told Monica about my expected package, and was seriously itchy with excitement. It almost made me wish I was dancing again so that I could show all the girls. I wondered if the club girls already knew about this stuff. Maybe I was behind the times now. I used to always be up to date with all new beauty products because I worked with a hundred girls that all had to always look their best, and always had the money to buy every new fandangled product on the market.

The Fun Betty package had a tray, two tubes of color, developer, a pair of over sized silky soft mascara wands, and a stirrer/spatula. Also included was a small black triangle bean bag and pin that asked, "Is your betty ready?" I wondered, was it? I knew my roommate would be leaving for a good while and I felt like shoving him right out the door so I could get started.

First, I had to lighten the hair...essentially I had to get a blonde betty before the pink treatment. I used 1/2 the developer and half lightening creme so that I could save a little. As I mixed it became thick like cake frosting. The directions call for a trim outside of the "Safe Zone", which is a triangle shape right above your "betty." I personally think you should shave to perfect your triangle and THEN trim the actual hair inside the safe zone. They also recommend a patch test. I have been dyeing my hair, on top, for 10 years and have never actually done the 48 hour patch test. I have no patience and this time wasn't any different, but as I applied the first coating, I had a small panic attack. What if I did have to run to the ER with a burning muff?? That would be a bit embarrassing, to say the least. But the mixture was already on. No turning back now. A little cold and tingly, but no burning, whew! And I used the mixture just like frosting...using the spatula instead of the wand to frost my own cupcake.

Then I waited. I lounged on my bed and watched a little Survivor as I timed the 1/2 hour wait...yes 1/2 an hour. It wasn't bad though, and I could imagine the hair lightening under my white muff frosting beard, as I waited. What a trip! I thought that I might just leave it blonde and skip the pink if I really liked it.

Then it was time to take a shower and rinse. Which I just did in the tub. They recommend a shampoo and condition as well. How funny, but I admit to doing this one in my own before ...just to see if you could really soften your betty hair. But that's another story!

So I was now a blonde betty. This was a little weird for me. I have never really gotten into the fully shaved look. It feels a little to pre-pubescent. Like I lost my womanhood. I always have a little something. So the white blonde hair just looked like no hair at all. So I was ready to move to PINK!

So now I had to rinse the tray(it was getting a little flimsy now), and squeeze enough pink into the tray to complete the job. They also say you can keep a little extra for a boost as it fades. Left-overs, sweet! The color was bright...like Manic Panic Pink. I applied and went back for part 2 of Survivor. Realizing that, so far, I was a survivor!

I look like a pink monster now. And when it was time to rinse, I realized it stained my skin, but a little loofah action and some shampoo did the trick. As look down I am a little unimpressed. It is pink all right. But an hour plus of work for this? I think, well it was an adventure anyway. I dry off and walk to my room. As I pass the mirror, I do a double take. Wait a minute...this is cool..no this is hot! I love it! I just needed to see the full view!
Now I couldn't wait to show someone! But that is another story ;)


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