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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Biting your guy's dick too much? Try the blow guard..lol.

As they say, "Taking the job out of blow jobs" It has a vibrating piece and it slips over your teeth to protect his manhood from your molars. Fun.

I love this line from the website...PLEASE NOTE: The Blowguard™ is NOT a denture. It's for adults of all ages with or without dentures or real teeth.

Umm, if you don't have teeth, they why the hell do you need the blow guard?!?!?!

I also found a video on the site http://www.blowguard.com/Use_and_Care.html?location=main and yeah..umm its a reeeeal video. So be aware, there is a cum shot. Lol.

Has anyone tried this?! I gotta know!

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