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Thursday, June 28, 2007

How to striptease ...our article. Section D of PART I

Step Three: Bring him to ecstasy by pretending you are in it.

Throughout the dance, your eyes should do three things and only three. One: look directly into his eyes; use the sorcerer move. Look at him like you want him more than a starving man wants bread. Two: keep your eyes closed. Allow him the freedom to explore your body with his own eyes without feeling like you are watching him. This is the ultimate voyeuristic pleasure for him. They love to watch us! Three: watch your own hands as they move across your body (I will cover hand moves in part two.). Whatever you do, never look around the room. Next, make your breathing heavy. Do all the little things your body does right before orgasm. Lick your lips, moan ever so slightly, roll your head back, and open your mouth. Yes!

Now you have lit the candles, shaved further back than you ever thought possible, and you mugged in the mirror so much you can do it in your sleep. You are feeling like Cleopatra in a pearl back thong. But, now the question is, how do I actually dance? How do I move my hips, perform a lap dance, and turn in these heels. Just stay tuned to part two to learn all the movement secrets. But in the meantime, practice what you have learned so far. Purchase your ideal costume, perfect your seductive smile, practice walking in your heels, and work on that mantra. And do not feel guilty if you start to become more excited about the way you feel regarding yourself than the way he is going to feel when you are done with your dance. Like I said, it is okay to be a little selfish.

Stay tuned for PART II !!!!

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