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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

All about the angles

Always try to keep nice angles. Look in the nirror when you dance...it should be all perfect arched curves and angles. Use your hands on your hips with elbows straight out to frame your chest. And keep legs straight any time you bend forward to make the booty pop. YEAH!

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

How to perform a striptease ...our article. Section C of PART I

Step two: Harness your confidence, or at least the look of it.

Gentleman’s clubs always advertise a bevy of top notch, Playboy quality beauties for your carnal pleasure. However, the truth is that they are not all Barbie doll babes. They can be extremely short, very tall, sport double Gs, or be flat chested. They can be too thin or quite chunky. I have seen a shaved head dancing next to Portia De Rossi hair. Some wear more makeup than Tammy Faye, and some have never used mascara in their life. But they all make money. So who makes the most? It is not always the prettiest girl with the perfect C cup. It also is not the girl who dances a little closer than she should in the VIP room. Time and time again, the girl who leaves with the fattest wad of bills is the girl who exudes the most confidence through out the night, be it on stage or on the floor. Whether it is a put on or sincere, confidence is a must. At first, for you, it probably will not be genuine. After all, it can be a daunting experience to stand in front of your man and put on a sexy show. It is natural to be nervous, but you must put on an act. Every exotic dancer has something that they feel completely self conscious about, but they fake it and push onward! So, how do you achieve this false confidence when all you can think about is your exposed cellulite, falling in your heels, and whether or not he is going to laugh or cry? Your first step is to practice, practice, practice. I will say it again, it is imperative that everything is this little guide be practiced. Strippers are not born; they are made through 8 hours a night, 4 days a week of on the job training. Trust me, every veteran in the bar can spot a new girl a mile away. Just keep that in the back of your mind.
To achieve the look of confidence, a constant smile is paramount. Not the beauty queen smile, but the, I have a naughty little secret smile. Smile a devious smile like the Elvis grin that made the world week in the knees. Now, tilt your head down slightly, and lift your eyes. You are now in predator mode, and he is most definitely the prey. Mimic the Sahara lion stalking her prey in the tall grass, moving deliberately. You are in control of this show, this ride, this moment. Then you must find your mantra. This is something you will repeat over and over inside your head. It should pull your focus inward and make you feel powerful. Repeat, “He wants me. He is so hot for me, I could just stand here and he would pop a woody.” Sound stuck up? Good! Remember, selfish stripper! By doing this you are oozing confidence and finding your power. Next, look at him and narrow your eyes a la Paris Hilton. Imagine yourself as Medusa or a powerful sorceress, and your gaze is what keeps the spell alive, intact. Practice this face in the mirror. Just like models practice their look in a mirror, so should you, until it becomes easy and natural. Do it while you put on your make up in the morning.

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