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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lap dance 'n pizza... Really!

You gotta love New York. So there is this pizza joint that gives lap dances in a private room/bar in the back. Apparently they have been busted a few times but keep on going. Awesome. Yeah, I'll take a slice and a sit and spin! You can also see the reviews on Citysearch..haha. http://newyork.citysearch.com/profile/7095098/new_york_ny/cordatos_deli_bar.html#profileTab-reviews The NYPD said they would respond if there had been a complaint but so far there haven't been any. Of course not!

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!!: http://wcbstv.com/video/?id=101019@wcbs.dayport.com

Print Jul 2, 2007 7:20 pm US/Eastern
Only In New York City: Pizzeria Offers Lap Dances

NEW YORK (CBS) ―http://wcbstv.com/local/lap.dance.cordatos.2.245525.html

Cordatos looks just like any other New York City pizzeria from the outside, but that all changes when you look around a bit on the inside.
In a city that seems to have everything, it's amazing what we'll still be surprised to find. Take for example what CBS 2 HD recently uncovered going on in the back of a pizzeria.

Let's just say it's hotter than the pizza served up front.

On the outside, Cordatos looks like your ordinary pizzeria, but inside customers are offered something way too hot and spicy to be found on the menu.

Lap dances. Yes, you read that correctly.

A walk through the restaurant past the pizza ovens, leads to a heavy soundproof door, where inside the back room $10 buys you a few moments of lap dancing by barely dressed exotic dancers, a dance too graphic for most newscasts.

"When you are in the Big Apple anything and everything goes," one patron said.

The anything and everything on this menu includes extremely close body-to-body contact during the lap dance. Judging from the crowds CBS 2 HD saw during our hidden camera investigation, it's a popular pit stop just blocks from ground zero, where construction workers and Wall Street traders find a slice of pleasure in the least likely of places.

"The guys go at lunch time," one man said. "It's not a bad thing either, relieves a little pressure."

So is this New York City's best-kept secret? Apparently not, especially to members of the NYPD's vice unit. Three years ago, several of the dancers were arrested and charged with prostitution.

While Cordatos is licensed to serve alcohol, dancing falls under the city's Cabaret Law, which requires a separate license, which the pizzeria does not have.

CBS 2 HD went looking for answers and found the pizza and dancing were a lot warmer than the reception we got. Upon seeing our camera, an unidentified pizzeria worker out his hand over our lens.

During our hidden camera investigation we did not observe any nudity, however a legal expert told us that in some cases the body-to-body contact we captured on camera could be deemed criminal.
Even though several city agencies knew the pizzeria had been cited for the same offenses in the past, records show none had returned to check if any laws were being broken. In fact, the NYPD told CBS 2 HD it would respond based on a complaint, which to this date has not been made.

(© MMVII, CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Death Proof Lap Dance

One of my fave students was recently discussing this lap dance from the movie Death Proof.
OK, so the dance is pretty good. Especially because she does the damn thing in flip flops. She lip synchs too, which normally is a no-no, but it works for her. I love the slide up to his face. I once had a girl do that to me in a lap dance and I immediatly added it to my dances and the guys loved it! Hot shit!

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

OLD NEWSLETTERS: January 2007 Update, new years resolutions, boy shorts, blog & myspace

January Update

Public Basic Moves Workshop, Austin & Manhattan only $45.00!

Hi Everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are having a fantastic new year.
And if your New Year's resolution is to feel a little bit sexier, then we have the solution!! We are now offering our Basic Moves class in a 2 hour PUBLIC workshop in Manhattan AND in Austin. It has been in the works and is finally here! This is a great course for those who have not taken a class from StripXpertease before, but will also be a great refresher for those who have already taken Basic Moves. Sign up now and get our special rate, only $45.00!!
The workshop is open to the public and is 2 hours in length. It is open to women ages 18-88. You must pre-pay on our web site on the Rates page www.stripxpertease.com/rates.htm . Class size is very limited, so sign up now. And don't worry if you are nervous or feel as if you have 2 left feet...everyone does. You'll be all right girl!
Once you have paid for your class, we will let you know the exact location. Dress is comfy workout type clothes. Heels are optional, but recommended.
Austin,Texas(183 & Burnet area): January 20th @ 4:00 PM. $45.00...SOLD OUT!!
Austin, Texas(William Cannon & Congress area) February 24 @ 4:30 PM $45.00
New York, New York (39th and 8th area): January 28th @ 4:30. $45.00
***ALSO, a Lap Dance Intensive Workshop on Jan 27th @ 7pm in NYC. This is a two hour intensive, and moves will be learned best with a partner(ladies only). So grab your best girlfriend and sign up now! Basic lap dance moves and advanced moves never before taught in StripXpertease workshops/classes. This is going to be a great workshop for anyone who wants to truly master the lap dance! ($55.00 if you sign up with a partner and $60.00 for individuals). Sign up through Empire Dance www.empiredance.com .
info@stripxpertease.com 1.800.747.1462 www.StripXpertease.com

Super Sexy StripXpertease Boy shorts are here!!
A lot of women ask me what to wear when they do their final performance. I think it needs to be sexy, but also comfortable. You do have to move around after all. Our boy shorts are a great solution for your striptease performance or just sassy loungin' around. They are only available in class. They come is pink, white, black and gray with our logo embroidered on the front.
Only $15.00!

Basic and Advanced Moves Review Classes.
Ready to move to Advanced Moves, but still need some help with Basic Moves? Then check out our new Review classes. Only 1 hour and 15 minutes and designed around the moves you want to work on.
$75.00 in-home and $90.00 in-studio
Group rates apply as well.

Available Classes
Remember ladies, Valentines' Day is right around the corner...just a month away!! Wouldn't he be surprised if you offered him a sexy striptease routine on Valentine's eve! Sign up for any of our classes and learn how to really wow him!
Basic Moves: This initial lesson combines sexy standing moves, naughty lap dancing, and sensual stripping to create an oh-so-hot striptease routine! Perfect class for groups such as bachelorette and birthday parties!
Advanced Moves: This follow up lesson covers floor/stage work, more standing moves, and a few extra naughty tricks to add to your routine. Round toe 6 inch platform shoes are highly recommended. (Learning floor moves can be hard on the knees. So wear bottoms that cover your knees. We also offer knee pad for purchase in-class)
Pro Moves: Here you combine core moves from Basic and Advanced to learn a super hot choreographed and professional looking "stage" routine to perform for yourself or a lover to a song of your choosing. Make 'em go WOW!
D.A.N.C.E. : For those who are truly serious about learning the art of striptease and tapping into their inner vixen. It is a six week, six class private program that combines all three classes (and several new moves!!) and slows them down to give point by point instruction. You will pick a song and develop a routine that will transform you into a dancing diva! ( D.A.N.C.E. is only offered in Manhattan)
Lover's Moves: Our couple's class! Get hot and steamy as you learn lap dance moves with your partner right there for you to practice on! In Manhattan, in-studio only: $170.00 total. Completely private. Female couples welcome also. One couple per class.
Shop n' Strip: Our fabulous two hour walking tour of sexy, sassy, one-of-a-kind lingerie and more stores in the fashionable SOHO shopping district including 4 fantastic lingerie boutiques, 1 female owned adult shop, and plenty of time for shopping and trying on! Take the tour with our expert shopper who will make your experience one to remember! Then meet up at the studio to learn how to strip off your new purchases with a sexy Basic Moves class. Great idea for birthdays and bachelorette parties. Four hours of fun for you and your gal pals. Please contact us for more info.
Review Class: Go over anything you need help perfecting from any of your previous classes. 1 hour 15 minutes.
3 Class Package: Purchase all 3 levels and receive a discount!
Stripper Strength is a 1 hour fitness class offered only at Empire Dance every Tuesday at 6 PM, Wednesday at 12:30 & 9 PM, and Sunday at 2 PM. For more info. or to register please contact Empire Dance @ 212-645-2441. New routines each month. (No nudity, workout attire, heels{you may also go bare foot or wear tennis shoes}, private room with no spectators, yay!)
Basic Moves Workshop
Lap Dance Intensive...booked through Empire Dance
Advanced Moves Workshop....coming soon!!!

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