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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Beyonce video..Ego. LOVIN' IT!!!!

Ok, I am all over this one. It is hot for several reasons.

First, she looks great, but not perfect. She def has the biggest bootie and legs but does she hire bigger dancers? No, SHE EMBRACES IT! Also, I see striptease moves! Woo-hoo. Wall Slide, Stripper Walk, Lotion, Hair Flips. Yeah!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Follow up to Male Exotic Dancing...

So, I was recently asked...
Do you have any tips for guys on how they can take their clothes off and look great? Most guys will probably not want to do a striptease or will feel a little awkward. Any ideas on how they can strip down for their lover and still feel hot?

Here was my response...
I personally think men should leave this stuff alone. It just comes off cheesy. http://www.stripxpertease.com/2007/01/doing-striptease-if-you-are-guyaka-male.html For me it is sexier to ask her to do it. For instance he stands and says I want to strip for you but I'm gonna need your help. Will you please unbutton my shirt? ( buttons are better, more work for the prize!) Perhaps half way through he can kiss her with both hands on her face, very much in control. We woman like that right? A take charge kinda guy. That confidence you spoke of. He can ask her to go slower as well. Then he can ask her to take of his pants by unbuttoning, unzipping, whatever. Again, the please is important. Makes her have some sense of being needed, but yet not totally in control. Shoes should be already off...those things are just plain awkward. I also don't think he should ask her to use her teeth at any point. If she does, great, just don't ask. He should look into her eyes the whole time, sport a naughty hint of a smile, and remain standing. Again this gives him a position of control and confidence. When she has taken off everything, he can then do the same thing to her, by saying now its your turn and slowly undressing her, still gazing in her eyes. The let the hot sex begin!! This whole scene would totally work for me!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Doing a striptease if you are a guy..aka male exotic dancing

Personally I think you guys should just stay away from this. This is an art form that should be left to gay guys and girls. I just have a hard time with male strippers..not my thing. But I still get asked all the time..."Do you teach guys? Please help!" So here you go...this is the best I can do. I haven't actually watched this, but I would love to. Really I would. But it is hosted by Fawnia Mondey who is truly an expert and pioneer of female pole dancing so it can't be THAT bad.

Good luck Adonis...

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Thursday, January 4, 2007

One more note on shoes and feet...

There is one thing that drives me crazy ...when girls don't point their toes. ALWAYS POINT YOUR TOES!!!!!!!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!!!!!

If you aren't putting weight into the foot then the toes should be pointed ..even when you are standing and especially when you are doing floor moves . Even in boots. The act of pointing will engage the muscles in your leg and instantly give you better lines...so please point.

If your foot starts to cramp..and it will, just realize the more you point the more that little foot muscle gets used to it.

Try flexing and pointing 50 times on each foot.

Then your shoes might start to stretch out. Just by those Payless SS pads I talked about.

Good luck!

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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

More about stripper heels...mastering the shoe.

Okay, so you don't wanna wear the stripper heels because you never wear them....or they hurt, or they are too high...well it IS a learned thing.
So wear them in 20 minute increments until you start to feel comfortable, then in 40 minute increments. Keep this up until you can wear them for an hour and not fall. Wear them while you do household chores or while cooking. Your partner will be pleased, that is for sure! Then try squatting and moving around....movements beside just walking. Once you can wear them and not fall, try walking faster and faster until you can do a light jog in them...just from one end of the house to the other. Then you will have mastered the shoes!


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Friday, December 29, 2006

Heels or no heels when you perform a striptease?

Heels or no heels?

Dammit, wear the heels. In all of my StripXpertease classes I recommend that ladies wear them.

Unless you have a guy who is wildly turned on by bare feet. Keep them on ...and for god's sake practice in them. If you are going to wear "stripper" heels, I suggest 6 inch open toe (lets toes not get so mushed) platform (pumps are a whole other animal) heels with ankle support. That means the strap wraps around your ankle. And make sure the toe strap is fairly thick too. Boots are great too and they give the ankle lots of support. A bit pricier, but safer for those worried about falling. Just know, even the seasoned professionals trip up every once and a while. Just make sure you can play it off ...like no big deal.

Good luck!!

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