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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Lace 2 and partying with the boys

Ok...so this is where I ended up after a night of partying on New Yrs Eve. http://www.laceclubs.com/lace2.asp ...Lace 2. Cover was $40 bucks. And boy, this place is frickin" tiny!! Now I have been to Lace in NJ, but this was very different. And I have to say Hustler is still my fave in NYC. I mean it was New Yrs Eve, but still, the service was reallly bad. But it was because they had ONE waitress. And as anyone knows on a holiday like NYE she is going to be forced to party with the boys. It was obvious she had been partying. Poor girl. I would have had a hard time too. She was sweet, but definitely wasted, but then again so was everyone else in there!

You see, men in strip clubs love for girls to party with them. Whatever "party" means for them. But usually that means drinking....shot for shot with them. There were times in my career that I tried not to drink, just to give my poor liver a break. But every time I would make less money. Because guys would actually send you away.

Say you sat down with a table. You are laughing, getting along, and then the waitress comes over to take everyone's drink order.

...Jack and Coke, shot of 1800, Heineken,... and for the lady???

Uh, yeah, I will have a Sprite.

Then it was like one of those cartoon moments when all the guys look at you in unison. "A sprite?!?" Then their eyes start shifting, "Hey honey, get your drink and then come back a little bit later, ok?" Yeah, I knew what that meant. I would get the obligatory smack on the ass and sent on my way, only to see 3 other girls there in a matter of moments drinking with the 3 stooges. And it was like that table after table. I could fare a little better with single guys but groups, forget it. More often than not, you better be ready to party hard or move along.

I think it is because they really do want you to party with them...to be on the same level. They think if your are drunk, then it is less like you are working, less like all you want is their money. But the truth is, drunk or not, I still wanted to make money. But I also think some where in their head it is like being at a real club. They think if I can get this girl drunk, then maybe we can have a little fun. And hell, I am not saying that that hasn't worked on occasion for certain guys and certain dancers. But for the most part it is the same whether your dancer drinks or not. In fact it is usually bad for you to try to get her drunk, because she does this every night and she can usually drink your ass under the table. Then it is you who gets drunk and taken advantage of. It's like the old saying you can't get laid in a strip club, but you sure can get f*#ked. :)

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