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Friday, January 19, 2007

Check out our latest press release about our striptease lessons

Here it is: Press release.
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Real Strippers Don’t Sweat! Striptease classes from StripXpertease teach women how to move like the

StripXpertease teaches women the art of exotic dancing without incorporating the “cardio” aspect into their classes. Instructors believe that true striptease is slow and sensual. Classes help women open them selves up to their sexuality and sensuality without shame.

[ClickPress, Fri Dec 29 2006] Striptease classes are spreading like wildfire, and for good reason. These classes allow women to feel risqué and sexy, just like strippers, but without getting a job at their local strip joint. However, the majority of these classes are fitness based and leave women with a toned rear end, but no idea of how to move it to seduce their lovers. Also, most of these classes are taught by instructors who are completely unfamiliar with striptease as it is performed in upscale gentlemen’s clubs, which is slow and sensual, not sweaty.

To top it off, most instruction institutions are still too afraid of crossing the line and offending someone who might not want to see a woman touch her breast with a twinkle in her eye. StripXpertease, on the other hand, is not scared and is offering classes in the art of true striptease in New Jersey, New York, and Texas, in studios and in their client’s homes.

StripXpertease was created by Kimberly Smith, a former exotic dancer with over 8 yrs of dancing under her belt, who wanted to use her time on the pole to help women feel and look sexy without shame by teaching them how to move just like the pros. She created classes that show women how to dominate and seduce their subject, touch their breasts with reckless abandon, and take back control in the bedroom and in their lives with moves that don’t require fancy equipment like poles, which most women do not even own. StripXpertease teaches moves that real women can duplicate without breaking a sweat, using only a chair and a smile.

The instructors at StripXpertease, who are both former exotic dancers, are using their classes to help women break through the shame behind embracing their sensuality. The company is still denied rental space because of the “type” of classes it teaches and still has clients too afraid to let their family and co-workers know of their recent “education.” Kimberly Smith, owner and NY/NJ instructors says, “Until the world says it's OK for women to be sexual and sensual and appreciate their bodies we will continue to hit that glass ceiling with a resounding thud. Sexuality is nothing to be ashamed of! There is nothing wrong with the classes we teach and the message we share, which is that all women have the right to feel sexy without any shame. Our bodies and our sexuality hold a deep and potent power. A power to change our lives for the better.”

A recent client said after taking a Basic Moves class, “I think there are a lot of women out there that would like to have this talent but are too embarrassed or shy to pursue it. The chance to step out of the mother/homemaker/wife role was great! There are times where I just want to put all of that on the back burner and just be that flirty, sexy predator that you were describing....with nothing else in my focus but making my man squirm. I’m thinking all women are strippers at heart – at least somewhere in their being – and that many of us have been conditioned not to recognize or validate that part of ourselves. We don’t talk about it enough…but I think if we would do that more then all of us would have much more confidence and would have better relationships....knowing that we all felt basically the same way.”

StripXpertease has been operation for over 2 yrs, offering empowering striptease class for women ages 18 to 88. They offer extended classes with many levels to choose from. Each class also includes a cheat sheet. Private lessons for individuals and groups allow class to be limited to just the instructor and student or the instructor and students that all know each other. Each class can be taught in studio or in the student’s home if so desired.

Classes are held in New York City and Austin, Texas. Classes can also be available in New Jersey and other areas of Texas. They cater to bachelorette and birthday parties too.

For further information, or to schedule an interview, contact Kimberly Smith at 800. 747.1462 or Kimberly@stripxpertease.com.

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