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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

OLD NEWSLETTERS: November 2006 Update, info on striptease lessons including couple's class, and stripper shoes know-how

November Update

This Month's Newsletter Highlights.

Sign up for our great new event, Shop N' Strip! Take a 2 hour tour of New York City's hottest lingerie stores. Then finish off your tour with a sexy striptease class!
Check out our great Holiday Special. Take $50.00 off any class booked from Nov 1st to Dec 31st!
Read our great tips on how to wear those crazy "stripper" heels.
Tease and please your lover with our steamy couple's class, Lover's Moves. Offered in New York and Texas.
Advanced Moves coming to Texas this December. Contact us to sign up!!

Shop NYC's Hottest Lingerie Stores!!
Check out our new event:
~Shop N’ Strip~
(NYC only)
A fabulous event brought to you by StripXpertease and Fashion Forwards.
Want to shop NYC’s hottest lingerie stores?
Dying to learn a sexy striptease?
Come take our fabulous two hour walking tour of sexy, sassy, one-of-a-kind lingerie and more stores in the fashionable SOHO shopping district. Take the tour with our expert shopper who will make your experience one to remember!
Then meet up at the Chelsea studio to learn how to strip off your new purchases with a sexy Basic Moves striptease class from StripXpertease.
We provide you with:
Informative two hour walking tour including 4 fantastic lingerie boutiques and one female owned "adult" store.
Plenty of time in each store for shopping and trying on!
Sexy striptease class that lasts one and a half hours in a private Chelsea studio.
A light snack from a local bakery.
A map of the shops on your tour and studio location.
Metro card to get you to the studio.
Detailed information about the shops on your tour.
Great idea for birthdays and bachelorette parties.
Four hours of fun for you and your gal pals!
Tours offered Saturdays and Sundays. Tours start between 11 and 6 PM.
Email shopnstrip@stripxpertease.com for more info and pricing.

Book a class(put down a deposit)between Nov 1st and Dec. 31st and receive $50.00 off any 1 hr 45 minute group class, in home or studio.
**Great idea for a holiday gift!**
Beautiful personalized gift certificates available.

How to wear those crazy "stripper" heels...and not fall down!
Okay, so you don't wanna wear the stripper heels because you never wear them....or they hurt, or they are too high...well it IS a learned thing. If you are going to wear "stripper" heels, I suggest 6 inch open toe (lets tootsies not get so smushed) platform heels (pumps are a whole other animal) with ankle support. That means that a strap wraps around your ankle. And make sure the toe strap is fairly thick too. Boots are great as well. And they give the ankle lots of support. They are a bit pricier, but safer for those worried about falling. Just know, even the seasoned professionals trip up every once and a while. All you have to do is make sure you can play it off ...like no big deal.
Wear them in 20 minute increments until you start to feel comfortable, then in 40 minute increments. Keep this up until you can wear them for an hour and not fall. Wear them while you do household chores or while cooking. Your partner will be pleased, that is for sure! Then try squatting and moving around....movements besides just walking. Once you can wear them and not fall, try walking faster and faster until you can do a light jog in them from one end of the house to the other. Then you will have mastered the shoes!
When you wear them, point your toes at every opportunity. POINT POINT POINT!!! If you aren't putting weight into the foot then the toes should be pointed. Even when you are standing and especially when you are doing floor moves. Even in boots! The act of pointing will engage the muscles in your leg and instantly give you better lines, so please point. If you find your foot cramping, and it will, just realize that the more you point, the more that little foot muscle gets used to it. So try to "work out" your feet more. Ex: Without shoes, point, and then flex. Repeat 50 x's. Then try "drawing" the alphabet with your pointed toes.
And as far as options, you have a lot.
Be able to walk in 6 inches before you move to 8 inches. Please. If the cushion of the shoe is black, the ink will most likely bleed onto your toes, if your feet sweat at all. The sole of the shoe should be rubber, or you will slip around. And if you wear boots, wear thick socks too. If you find your foot slipping through the shoe, you can find cheap shoe pads at payless shoe source and super glue them into the base of the shoe. If you don't glue them in, they will slip around when you point your toe.
And NO, in reality, they aren't like walking on little pillows, but if you wear them and put on a good show, what he does to you afterwards should feel pretty damn close :)
Good Luck!

Bring your lover to class with our amazing
That’s right, we now have our first couple’s class. Lover's Moves!! Get hot and steamy as you learn lap dance moves with your partner right there for you to practice on! Show them how sexy you can be!
Completely private. Female couples welcome as well. One couple per class
In Manhattan or Austin, in-studio only: $170.00 total.
Email for more info info@stripxpertease.com

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