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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We all need a little uh-uh

My grandmother just came to visit and it was great. She was the first relative to actually visit me in NYC. Growing up, we(my cousin and I)spent our summers at her house. They(my grandparents)lived in a big house with multiple bedrooms and great places to hide. And in one room there was a whole bookshelf of romance novels. The covers were risque or so I thought. As a young girl these covers were my first "sneak a peek" experience...looking at the covers and getting that feeling that I shouldn't be looking. Looking back they weren't dirty at all.
But my grandma loved them and she left one behind that she had finished reading. Ha ha I thought, a romance novel. I mean I know what they are, but I haven't ever actually read one. So I opened it up, Sheer Delight by Judy Gill. She had sat on the couch reading while I worked during her stay. I wondered what it was all about...And this is the page I landed on.

"She took his hand from her breast and moved it down through the water where she most wanted his caress. He slid his fingers over her flesh, parting it, probing, stroking. 'Like this?' he whispered. 'Is this what you need?' " yes ...' she moaned, and he slipped two fingers inside her while he worked her sensitive nub."

OH MY GOD! She was reading THIS!?! I couldn't believe it. I thought, wow grandma! And it was funny, considering the way she reacted to what I do now as a living. She said we just wouldn't tell people about it. People being her church friends I suppose.
It made me realize we all yearn for that sexual excitement. We all want to feel that heat. Even my grandma. I mean, even if people put of this goodie-goodie or prude facade on, there is a vixen underneath. I think it goes back to shame. That is why we hide these yearnings, these desires. We are all to afraid to ask for what we want. We don't want to be laughed at or made fun of or looked at like a freak by our peer group. Too bad. I wonder how much happier my grandma's church group would be if they all got together and read this book in book club. It would be a Sheer Delight!

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