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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

StripXpertease Striptease Songs...best of '07

Ok...so these are some of the favorites from our lists of 2007. As usual the complete (kinda) list is below.

After All 4:51 Delerium
Always In My Head 3:26 Psapp
Anonymous 4:55 Bobby V Special Occasion
Back To Black 4:03 Amy Winehouse Back To Black
Bad Girl 5:23 Madonna Erotica
Bette Davis Eyes 3:50 Kim Carnes Mistaken Identity
Black Cherry 4:56 Goldfrapp Black Cherry-ADVANCE
Bounce 4:04 Timbaland Shock Value
Breathe On Me 3:47 Britney Spears
Brown Skin 5:35 India Arie Acoustic
buttons 3:46 The Pussycat Dolls PCD
Chocolate 5:01 Kylie Minogue Body Language
Closer 4:05 Floetry Flo'Ology (Advance)
Closer To My Dreams 4:45 Goapele Even Closer
Colour Me 4:32 Dot Allison Afterglow
Come Here Boy 3:58 Imogen Heap I Megaphone
Come Undone 4:35 Duran Duran
Creep 4:29 TLC CrazySexyCool
Dangerously In Love 5:06 Destiny's Child Survivor
Deeper 4:20 Balligomingo
diamonds 4:33 Fabolous
Disco Science 3:32 Mirwais Snatch - Soundtrack
Enchantment 3:58 Corrine Bailey Rae
Every breath you take 4:13 The Police
Everybody Here Wants You 4:44 Jeff Buckley Sketches For My Sweetheart The
father figure 5:41 George micheal
Forever Love 3:14 Anna Nalick
Giving Something He Can Feel 3:58 EnVogue Funky Divas
Glory Box 5:06 Portishead Dummy
Hear Me Out 4:19 Frou Frou Details
I'll Be Dreaming 4:58 The Pierces The Pierces
I Need A Boss 3:50 Shareefa
In The Waiting Line 4:32 Zero 7 Garden State Soundtrack
is this real 4:56 Lisa hall Practical Magic Soundtrack
It's A Fire 3:49 Portishead Dummy
It Could Be Sweet 4:20 Portishead Dummy
Jamie's Got A Gun 5:29 Aerosmith
Jungle Fever 4:20 The Chakachas Boogie Nights
Let's Get Blown 4:39 Snoop Dogg Snoop_Dogg_R&G_Rhythm_and_Gang
Let It Go 5:16 Keyshia Cole http://kevipodmusic.blogspot.com/
luxurious 4:24 Gwen Stefani zone 4 remix
Man In The Box 4:47 Alice In Chains
Maneater 4:33 Hall And Oats
Me and You 3:12 Cassie
No Ordinary Love 7:20 Sade
Numb 4:00 Portishead Dummy
Numb 4:40 Sia Colour The Small One
Only You 5:02 Portishead
protection 7:51 Massive Attack
Quicksand 2:13 Incubus Light Grenades
Rain 5:25 Madonna
Ride A White Horse 4:32 Goldfrapp Supernature
Romantic 6:00 Goapele Closer
Say It Right 3:43 Nelly Furtado Loose
Say Yes 4:28 Floetry Floetic
Sexy Boy 4:58 Air
So Into You 4:34 Ashanti Street Dreams
Sunday Morning 5:09 Lily Allen
T Shirt & My Panties 4:50 Adina Howard Woo Soundtrack
Teardrop 5:25 Massive attack
This Is Why I'm Hot 4:15 M.I.M.S. M.I.M.S. (Music Is My Savior)
What's It Gonna Be 5:24 Busta Rhymes E.L.E. The Final World Front
What Goes Around 7:29 Justin Timberlake
what it feels like for a girl 4:48 Madonna
Whatever u Like 3:55 Nicole Scherzinger shai_55
White Rabbit 2:32 Jefferson Airplane
you're gettin in the way 3:57 Jill Scott
your love is one in a milion 4:32 Aaliyah
2 Wicky 4:44 Hooverphonic

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

StripXpertease songs to strip to Spring '08

Here are a few songs from our most recent cd.
Keep in mind that damn iTunes doesn't publish all of the songs so the complete list is below . EnjoY!

Bittersweet Symphany 5:58 Verve pipe Cruel Intentions Soundtrack
sexy dancer 4:56 Unknown
club doom 6:15 Timo mas
Lost Without You 4:12 Robin Thicke Web Rip
All Mine 4:02 Portishead
Damaged 3:55 Plumb Brokendown Palace Soundtrack
Feelin Love 5:38 Paula cole
Beautiful 4:49 Goldfrapp Supernature
Strict Machine 3:51 Goldfrapp Black Cherry-ADVANCE
Tiptoe 5:10 Goldfrapp Black Cherry-ADVANCE
Train 4:11 Goldfrapp Black Cherry-ADVANCE
Close Up 4:22 Frou Frou HMV Rock Playlist
The Dumbing Down Of Love 4:42 Frou Frou Details
Don't Stop Now 5:45 Emmy Rossum Inside Out
Sex Packets 7:21 Digital Underground Sex Packets
Love Bites 5:43 Def Leppard
Why Don't We Fall in Love 2:47 Amerie
Freak Like Me 4:28 Adina Howard
rock the boat 4:37 Aaliyah 2

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

New iMix