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Sunday, March 4, 2007

RAZOR BUMPS ..follow up

OK, so I still get asked this and once again I mentioned the stuff, in the can, that has a lid like a paint can...it is for black men. OK, so I found it!!!! And it is called MAGIC...and that's how it works. like magic!. Its like Nair, but apparently better. My friend who was also a dancer with thick black hair (all over)said it was the only thing that worked on a daily basis. She used a card(like a credit card) to do the "shaving" part.
Here a link to the product on drugstore.com and other places. Good luck!

With skin conditioners


Scented...although it might be a "manly" scent

EXTRA strength!

Just a suggestion though...I personally have never tried it, but I worked with her and saw the results myself...pretty good!

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