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Friday, May 29, 2009

Your string is hanging out...

So, you are on stage doing your thing, kicking up your leg, getting on all fours, jiggling your booty in customer's faces. Opening and closing your legs, feeling the music. Ya know, a typical stage routine. Customers are tipping you, and you are rocking. Then a friend comes up to stage, another dancer. This is nothing new. Other dancers tip each other to help each other make money. Guys enjoy the two girl show, get a little excited, and spend more money. Happiness all around. You start to give her a show, but she grabs your head and pulls you close to her. Oh...it's gonna be kinky. Then you hear those five dreaded words...






You take a deep breath. You kiss her cheek, move closer to rearrange in the shield of her body and go back to dancing. But now it's a little different. Now your face is on fire. Now you know why they focused in on your crotch a little more than usual. Now you know why the stares were a little cock-eyed. Awesome. And you have 4 more songs to do. Juuuust awesome.

Yep, that happens at least a few time in a dancer's life. Oh the joy. Several times I was on either side of that story.... the helpful friend and the mortified dancer.

So we all come up with ways around it. Some girls cut their strings. Some shove them inside. Some make sure the string pulls up the center. Some don't even work that week. But no matter, it always happens.

And it is embarrassing? Well HELL YEAH! Can you imagine!?!? I mean it is HANGING OUT! Glowing bright white in the black light like a little beacon saying "Yo!! Look here!! This girl is on her period. Look! LOOK! LOOK! Wheeee! No! Don't look away! You want to look at me ! OH, don't let her see you looking. Look at meeeee! YAY!!!"

Yeah. Good times. Another thing I don't miss.

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