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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lelo ...lovely

So what do you picture when you think of vibrators?

The streotypical wand or penis shaped mass of vibrating joy. When then you haven't seen vibrator art. That is what Lelo is to me. It is just so nice to look at, so chic, and modern. They have stuff for gals, guys and even 18K gold dildos. Fancy.

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Monday, July 30, 2007

NEWSLETTERS: July Update 07-03-07

Independence Day is here!! And that means fireworks. But will there be fireworks in your bedroom? It can get a little monotonous sometimes, huh? But what better way to spice it up then with a little naughty dancing? And the dancing can lead to so much more. And I don't just mean the horizontal mambo. What about all my single ladies? Striptease isn't always about performing for a lover or spicing up a relationship. It can spice up your relationship with YOURSELF!!
The truth is, finally getting up the nerve to try the saucy dancing will bring something else. Facing your fear of trying something that scares you will make you stand a little taller and walk with a little more strut. And maybe, just maybe then you will feel a little more confident to try something else new. Yes!! Something else that will make you feel more like a woman. Like that piece of lingerie that is sooo hot, but more racy than anything you ever owned. Or that s*x toy you have been dying to try (see the article below, "My First Vibrator"). Or that video that you have been afraid to buy, but desperately want to see. Then you can celebrate your own independence day. Celebrate the independence of the braver, more adventurous you!! And in that hot nightie, with your new toy, watching that awesome video, you can see what kind of fireworks you can make!! Woo-Hoo!!

Hot New Summer Classes!
So many hot and steamy options.....and so little time! Summer is always gone before you know it. And if you don't sign up soon, these classes will be gone before you know it too! Sign up today to secure your spot!
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Basic Moves workshop: July 28th
Basic Moves workshop: July 19th or 28th.
Desire Series: July 14th & 15th
Strip Club Field Trip: July 26th
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Newsletter Secret Special
Shhhh. It's a secret. Mention the July secret newsletter special and save 10% on a private lesson for you or a group of friends if you put a deposit down before July 9th.

My First Vibrator!
YOU'VE NEVER OWNED A VIBRATOR?!?!?!?!?! That was my reaction, when my friend casually mentioned that she had never owned one. We were discussing orgasm by self stimulation, and I was discussing the various vibrators I had owned and ones I wanted to own. And she said, "Wow, I've never even owned one." That was when I screeched. I think I scared her, I said it so loud. I mean I couldn't believe it!!! I said we are going on line and ordering one right now! And she said, "Goody! My first vibrator!"
To me they are a necessity. In fact, the more "s*x" (plastic or fleshy) you have, the less chance for sexual dysfunction, aka no s*x drive! That statement alone will have your man running out to buy one of these babies below. I think having a good s*x drive is important. I think not having a healthy s*x life with your partner causes problems beyond the bedroom. And for us women, it is our busy lives that make us sometimes not want it, right? But these little gadgets will not only increase your libido, but also can be used during foreplay with you lover. FUN! And having a healthy s*x life as a single woman is important too. Vibrators are a safe and sexy option that reduce stress and keep your drive up for when Mr. Right finally does come along! Below is my history with the little lover.
This was my first experience with a vibrator. Now that I look back, I realize I started with the king. This baby will leave you quivering for hours...woo!! Hitachi Magic Wand
Then this was my first real purchase. Well not this exact one, but one very similar. It did the trick! Very hard though. Not for insertion. Violet Glow
Then I tried one of these. Not very quiet. And unlike my AA lovers this one used several C batteries...Jesus... Hypersonic Rocket
I once bought this for a vacation trip with the boy. Lame. I give it a thumbs down. Fukuoku 9000
I once saw this in a s*x shop and told this guy I was seeing that he couldn't come over unless he bought this for me. This was before I realized that vibrators could be inserted. Then I saw the light! Thank god for that wascally wabbit!! The Rabbit
And this is the current one. Quiet, compact, and gets the job done. And I do love Babeland. Great store!!! The blueberry Buzz
Go ahead... try it, you'll like it. Maybe you want an egg or one of these bad boys! I mean there are so many options. Large ones bigger than 3 stacked coke cans, tiny ones that fit in a closed hand. Ones that ejaculate, ones with handles, ones that thrust, ones with 3 heads, and ones with remotes for him. White ones, black ones, latin ones! Glass, plastic, jeweled, rubber, polyurethane, second skin, and CHROME!! Battery operated, plug in, rechargeable. Waterproof, glow in the dark, and ones with suction cup bases. This one even has features like those massage chairs at the nail salon. Makes me smile just thinking about it. And this one really blew me away...it vibrates to the music in your iPod: OhMiBod. I mean you dream it, they make it.
This site can help you find the perfect mate. :) EDEN FANTASIES. Just check out the side bar to check off your favorite options. Who knew it could be this easy? ( enter code 4BW upon checkout)
But for me, I am done with having to order a new one every time old faithful dies. I have found a vibrator that is......IMMORTAL. That's right. I am saving up for the Jimmyjane: Waterproof, Silent, Everlasting Vibrator. Replaceable motor, I am sold.

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