Melanie has a Theatre degree and has been acting and working in the film industry in varied roles since college. She loves exploring many different avenues of creativity and finds that dance makes her feel powerful, beautiful, and strong. 

Melanie On StripXpertease classes

Fitness has always been important to me and I was often involved in boxing or other high impact workouts. I found StripXpertease when I craved a way to feel more comfortable and confident in my skin on auditions. What I found there was a complete mind body connection, sky-rocketing confidence, sexy ideas to turn myself and my partner on, a way to work out frustrations and loosen up, and best of all, a welcoming, fun, and supportive atmosphere. Bonus side effects were abs of steel and a toned ass...I was having so much fun, I didn't even notice I was getting the best exercise of my life!

Melanie On Dancing

Dancing was something I always admired but never felt fully comfortable or connected to doing. Even going out to a club, it was something that I had to warm myself up to; not wanting to feel uncoordinated and clumsy. When I discovered this form of dance, it was like I hit the sweet spot. Tapping into this creative outlet has allowed me to feel grounded, alive, and happy to be ME.