{The best part of the class was} the freedom I felt while dancing. The natural way that the instructor approached the subject, her ability to inspire confidence and her lively descriptions of the motivation and goals one has for performing such a dance.; it fulfilled my expectations.
— Nina B.

Maybe you are looking to perform... and not just any performance. We're talking about the knock his socks off, he tells all of his friends he's got the hottest, sexiest, best girl in the world, and you guys have an over the moon crazy lovemaking night 'till the wee hours of the morn kind of performance. Or, maybe you're the girl who wants her sexy back. (We know you.) You work too much, you haven't worn mascara in weeks, and the only thongs you own are flip flops. Or, maybe you are the gal who just finally parted ways with that loser. (Yeah, we know him too.) You are here to strip off that bad relationship and reclaim your sexiness. He wasn't good enough for you to dance for anyway! Or, you're here on a dare. (It's OK. We've done lots of crazy things on a dare, just ask us about the Vermont tattoo.)

We feel this is the best way to learn how to dance for yourself or a loved one. This way the class is tailored to you and your needs. You can do it in your home or another location you provide. We can create a routine specifically for you, including music and outfit options. You get one-on-one personalized attention, and a routine that works with your needs, desires, strengths and weaknesses.

Private Lessons

 Private lessons are available for women. In home only. Travel fees apply. Rates below are for 1-2 ladies. Deposit goes towards final balance. Prices below INCLUDE deposit (So if your class is $100 and your deposit is $50, then you owe $50. That balance is due 72 hours before your class!) 



One 50 minute private lesson.. This class will teach you a flirty standing routine that you can do in front of your partner or just in front of the mirror! Feel flirty and sexy! SEE SAMPLE ROUTINE

$95.00 MAKE $60 DEPOSIT


One 1 hour and 45 minute private lesson. This class adds luscious lap dance or frisky floor moves for a short and sassy routine to tempt anyone with a heart beat.

$170.00 MAKE $60 DEPOSIT


Three 50 minute private lessons. Do you want to truly seduce them with a sexy routine? This package teaches you a hot little lap or floor number with plenty of time to perfect it so that it is foxy and flawless.

$255.00 MAKE $120 DEPOSIT


Three 1 hour 45 minute private lessons. Wanna be a vixen? With over 5 hours of instruction you will be just that. Learn a complete choreographed routine to the song of your choosing. Lap dance or floor. We will tailor a routine just for you.

$460.00 MAKE $120 DEPOSIT


Six 1 hour 45 minute private lessons. (6th lesson is FREE!) Jaw on the floor. Drool on the shirt. Bulge in the pants. Guaranteed. You get a full choreographed routine to the song of your choosing. Focusing on your strengths and tailoring a routine that dreams are made of. Lap dance, floor, striptease, wall, and much much more. This is the complete package in more ways than one.

$850.00 MAKE $120 DEPOSIT

PAYMENT PLAN: You can also pay for your 6 class package in 4 easy installments of $212.50 every two weeks by using the button below.


Online Privates 

All you need is a good internet connection, a web cam & Skype. Dance with us anywhere in the world. No need to worry about traffic, sitters or leaving your living room! Get instant feedback and ask as many questions as you need. Each one on one lesson is 50 min lesson


Lover's Moves (Couple's Lap Dance Class)

Just you, your honey, and your instructor! Learn how to give your partner a sexy lap dance. This class will be steamy and sexy, so make sure you have time set aside to "practice" your moves when you leave class! This class is only available in-studio. This class is available to female couples as well.  NY location only.


$95.00 - Mini, 50 minutes
$170.00 - Deluxe, 1 hr 45 minutes