Office Assistant & Instructor

Samantha, a Bellydance Artist/Millinery (hat making) designer and NYC native has been drawn to the arts at a very young age. From dance to studio art to acting to designing, she lives in creativity. A natural performer, dance has played a significant role in finding strength, confidence and healing within herself. She feels it is important to share that and help others wanting to find similar outlets


I discovered SXT classes more thoroughly when I started working for the fabulous owner Kimberly Smith. I thought the classes were so much fun, so exotic and what a great way to help other women find the confidence they desire and their own type of sexiness. Being a Bellydance artist for many years, delving into sensuality of movement in women,  I find that the exotic classes offered at StripXpertease have been a close second to finding another level of the power and sexiness woman can hold.  Every woman wants to feel like a goddess whether it is just for herself or significant other and that is  what StripXpertease helps bring out. What I love the most is that Kimberly has created such a comfortable, sassy, fun environment for women to come and let go, dance and feel wonderful doing it. There is such a variety of classes that its never the same old thing.  We have such a fabulous team of girls from all different walks of life with their own talents who help create that special energy you find when when you step into the dance studio. It really is refreshing to come to studio that feels like a family for students and teachers alike! 

SAm on dancing

Dancing to me is life, release and expression, my second language. It is the way I speak with my body to tell a story and very personal ones at that. To me dance is one of the ultimate forms of expression because it is one of the most organic forms. You can find the beauty of dance in your own interpretation and that is what can make it powerful.  Dance is meant to be all facets of emotion and not just pretty. My main medium being in the art of Bellydance I also love experimenting with all types of dance from lyrical, modern, latin, hip hop and the exotic classes at StripXpertease also bring another level of sensual/sexy movement to the body which I love.  I continuously strive to unlock these different sides of myself to help bring rich, bold movement to the art form. My love affair with dance is one that will remain everlasting and I hope to share it with others!