StripXpertease Workstudy Program

Get UNLIMITED free classes by helpin' us out 1-2Xs a week! Our program offers financial assistance* to sexy ladies who want to get their groove on at SXT and get more involved in the SXT community! Save cash and get free classes!  

* workstudy is not paid, it is work in exchange for free classes


Nighttime program

Midtown, West side (36th & 8th ave)

Hours & Days

  • Shifts are 3 -5 hours long.  
  •  You will need to be available for occasional Saturday shifts (most workstudies work one Saturday every 3 weeks)
  • Shifts available are
    • Monday  6:30-9/10pm
    • Tuesday 6-9:30pm
    • Wednesday 5:30-9/10pm
    • Thursday 6-9:30pm
    •  Friday 5:30-8/9pm
    •  Saturday 11:30-4pm
    •  Saturday 5-11pm (on call)
  • You will need to work approximately 6 shifts every 3 week period. 
  • You will need to commit to 44 shifts. This usually takes 5-8 months, depending on how often you want to work! 

Nighttime Workstudy Duties:

  • Assist the Front Desk before class by setting up the front desk table and then assist in the first 5-10 minutes of class by quickly setting up the room table, cleaning the mirror, sweeping the floor, arranging the chairs and getting more if needed.
  • Transport a large heavy wheeled case to and from closet 2xs during your shift. 
  • Get our supplies from case and replenish supplies if needed.
  • Sit outside the classroom and help any ladies who arrive late.
  • Help the transition between the next instructor coming in.
  • Send an email report at the end of the night before leaving the studio.
  • The majority of the time you will be outside of the classroom and can work on your own stuff! Wi-fi is available.

Hiring Process

  • To become a workstudy, there will be a two part interview. A phone interview and a working interview (an hour of shadowing a current workstudy). If that goes well, you will have a 3 hour Saturday training. You will need to purchase a uniform ($15) and pay a $20 training fee during training. 
  • You will then shadow a current workstudy for 2 full shifts and you will need to have attended at least one class before starting. You get a free class pass for every shadow!
  • Once you start, there is an initial 4 shift trail period. After the trail period you will get a 7 day unlimited pass for every 2 shifts worked.
  • To receive passes, all workstudies must be on time to each shift,  send up dates on time and perform required duties.
  • All workstudies must also regularly attend classes, and be OK with being featured on the website and social media.


  • Unlimited classes. You will receive a 7 day unlimited pass for every 2 shifts worked.
  • Ability to take classes during your shift after trial period.
  • 10% off merchandise, teacher training, and workshops during your WS term.

Please apply below

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Shift availabilty CHECK AS MANY AS APPLY *
Please check shifts that you are GENERALLY available for. We need ladies available for 4-5 shifts a weeks to be able to schedule everyone evenly. You will put down for 3 or more shifts, but will only be assigned 2. Our WS schedule is released in 3 week increments.
Have you taken a class with us before? *
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After you submit, please email a pic and resume to Thanks!