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This is my first time as a workstudy gal! I moved here from Orlando in June 2016 and knew I wanted to find a new dance home asap. SXT is everything I've ever wanted - Powerful women encouraging each other's confidence and sensuality through dance and fitness. What more could you ask for?! I love it SO much and am so happy to be part of the SXT crew! 




I am a New York native that works as a jewelry and clothing designer. I love doing anything to use my creativity, which is why I love dance. Dance is a good way for me to relieve my stress and be free from my everyday life. SXT gives me an opportunity to get my workout on while feeling sexy, plus I get to add some new moves to my arsenal. I love being in a place where women empower one another and help each other build confidence. I am super excited to be a part of the SXT community! 


I decided to find a way to workout that I wouldn't later regret. I'm a 21 year old vegetarian...with thick thighs and if I let them get to big, skirts and dresses are out of the question (chafing is just no fun). I typed,  'sexy dance workout nyc' into google search and the second suggestion the came up was StripXpertease. I wanted to feel sexy, sweat lots, dance and maybe even learn to walk better in my heels; StripXpertease offered that and more. Going through the website I saw an option for work study and without hesitation, I was ready to sign up. I'm in my second year of college and the idea of working for classes that I'll enjoy made too much sense, especially when I found out how flexible the team here with scheduling, they were ready to accommodate me and work around my school days. I love that the team here because they make all of their clients and staff feel comfortable.  


...coming soon. 

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  • Tanisha S
  • Ashley B
  • Mary R
  • Jade G
  • Katie D
  • Sierra P
  • Liz W
  • Danielle S
  • Maeve L
  • Abby R
  • Heidi G
  • Taylor T
  •  Kai S
  • Jasmine G.
  •  Jacklyn K


  • Kerrian F
  • Tiffany C
  • Molly M
  • Nancy M
  • Nadia R
  • Shauntay W
  • Cynthia A
  • Carline V
  • Kiara O
  • Jillian M...now an Instructor! 
  • Jen G
  • Erika S
  • Sherkima E
  • Samantha H
  • Ayanda N



  • Michelle N
  • Renelle J
  • Clarissa L
  • Lishia D
  • Taj G
  • Wen X
  • Sharon E
  • Melanie D ...now an Instructor! 
  • Luisa D