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When I'm dancing, I'm that beautiful butterfly you find flying in the garden. They have lots of color that reflect my different moods I feel when in my grove.

Dancing in is my happy space..  It makes me feel beautiful and free with every move.   It allows me to dance out all the craziness that comes with life while creating something beautiful with all my curves!!




I am a New York native that works as a jewelry and clothing designer. I love doing anything to use my creativity, which is why I love dance. Dance is a good way for me to relieve my stress and be free from my everyday life. SXT gives me an opportunity to get my workout on while feeling sexy, plus I get to add some new moves to my arsenal. I love being in a place where women empower one another and help each other build confidence. I am super excited to be a part of the SXT community! 


I decided to find a way to workout that I wouldn't later regret. I'm a 21 year old vegetarian...with thick thighs and if I let them get to big, skirts and dresses are out of the question (chafing is just no fun). I typed,  'sexy dance workout nyc' into google search and the second suggestion the came up was StripXpertease. I wanted to feel sexy, sweat lots, dance and maybe even learn to walk better in my heels; StripXpertease offered that and more. Going through the website I saw an option for work study and without hesitation, I was ready to sign up. I'm in my second year of college and the idea of working for classes that I'll enjoy made too much sense, especially when I found out how flexible the team here with scheduling, they were ready to accommodate me and work around my school days. I love that the team here because they make all of their clients and staff feel comfortable.  



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I am from the Bronx NY. I love dacing and fitness. The thing about dancing that makes me feel good is the freedom and the creativeness it brings. 



I recently graduated from college and wanted to do something unique, fun, and badass before starting my career later this year. And what better way is there than supporting women in being unapologetically sexy and comfortable in our own skin? I love that we, as women, are so multi-dimensional. We are professionals, mothers, hustlers, nurtures and everything in between and we are also sexy as hell! I'm excited to be a part of an organization that gets that and I'm even more excited to get my sexy on in class all summer. See you there!


Hey everyone! I love being active and dancing is my favorite way to be active. Stripxpertese offers so many amazing dance classes I couldn't pass up the offer to join this wonderful organization. If you see me working the broom or taking a class with you, don't be afraid to say hey!

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