Front Desk

A born and raised Jersey girl, Amy moved to the NYC area after college and immediately fell in love with all the city has to offer.  She enjoys learning and has always gravitated towards fun people and environments, so there was an instant connection with the vibe of StripXpertease and the confidence and positivity the classes and instructors had to offer.  When not taking class or manning the front desk, Amy can be found reading, running, or sneaking Dunkin' into the nearest sports bar.


My friend bought us passes to a StripXpertease class for my birthday and I just knew I’d be back.  The energy of each class is infectious – no matter what kind of day you were having before class, it will instantly become a thousand times better once you step into the room.  A certified goofball in my own right, StripXpertease allows me to explore different facets of myself and embrace my sexuality and sensuality with confidence (and more than a few laughs).  No matter the class, I always learn something about myself in each one and it’s extremely fun to grow alongside such instructive and talented women.


I’ve always loved to dance!  I took ballet, tap, and jazz classes for many years growing up… and have since forgotten basically everything.  Still, I’m always one of the first to the dance floor at weddings or at the bar and I love learning new styles and moves.  With StripXpertease, I’m learning to embrace slower movement, hone my technique, and own my sexy!