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1. INSTRUCTOR BRINGS & TAKES HOME PERSONAL LUBE AND 2 DILDOS 2. Paper: a. Cheat sheets: should always be AT LEAST 42 b. Certs: should always be AT LEAST 42 c. Name tags: should always be AT LEAST 42
3. Baby wipes bag: 4 full packs 4. Lubes bag: please make sure all are shut tight. Should have AT LEAST 9… a. 3 sext tarts b. 3 sliquids c. 3 others types
5. Instructor’s Bag: a. Alboline >don’t mix this one with the students b. Warming lube >don’t mix this one with the other lubes c. Silicone lube d. Waterbased lube to demo the sex toys ( brown bottle)
6. Numb stuff bag a. 1 Cloreseptic b. 1 Cepacol c. 1 Sucker d. 3 comfortably numb sprays
7. Clear container of ½ paper towels 8. Candy bag (no chocolate): ¼ FULL
9. Extras bag a. Altioids b. Pop rocks c. Saliva tabs 10. Student Alboline bag ( 3 inside) 11. Popsicle sticks (100 approx)
12. Baby powder (to put on silicone after cleaning . every time!) 13. Aldo bag with 2 ben wa Balls 14. Flavored condoms bag
Box of Pens, full 16. 1 pack Windex 17. Toys bag (PLEASE TELL STUDENTS NOT TO PUT ANY TOYS ON THEIR DILDOS! THEY BREAK THIS WAY!) a. 1 Good head helper( small clear one) b. 2 Sidekick blue ones ( 1 broke, 1 good) c. 2 eggs d. 2 rings w vibrator insert ( one to pass 1 to demo with) e. 1 ring vibrators PIECE (separate)