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Date MUST BE IN DOUBLE DIGITS WITH DASHES. That's how we check reports at the office.
-Cheat sheets: should always be AT LEAST 42 -Certs: should always be AT LEAST 42 -Name tags: should always be AT LEAST 42
-Baby wipes bag: 4 full packs -Lubes bag: please make sure all are shut tight. Should have AT LEAST 9… a. 3 sex tarts b. 3 sliquids c. 3 others types
ALL BELONG IN ONE BAG, DO NOT MIX WITH STUDENT SUPPLIES a. Alboline b. Warming lube (4-in-1 bottle) c. Silicone lube d. Water-based lube (brown bottle)
a. 1 Chloraseptic b. 3 Comfortably Numb sprays (Cinnamon, Chocolate Mint, Spearmint)
a. Altoids
PLEASE TELL STUDENTS NOT TO PUT ANY TOYS ON THEIR DILDOS! THEY BREAK THIS WAY! a. 1 Good head helper (small clear one) b. 2 Sidekick blue ones (1 broke, 1 good) c. 2 Tenga eggs d. 2 rings w vibrator insert (one to pass 1 to demo with) e. 1 ring vibrators PIECE (separate)
a. Paper towel bag (less than half full) b. Candy bag (no chocolate, hard candy only, ¼ FULL) c. Student Alboline bag (3 inside) d. Popsicle sticks (100 approx) e. Box of pens (full) f. Aldo mini bag with Ben Wa balls g. Baby Powder (to put on silicone toys after cleaning) h. Flavored condoms bag (half full)